Home Improvement Projects with Wooden Panels

by Vince Paxton

Using wall paneling in your home is one of the cheapest ways to improve the appearance of it. Paneling may not be as beautiful as other materials, however it can be used to hide any damage to your walls quite easily without actually having to repair it. It is always best if you have the right tools and materials in to complete the job, you should also have a firm plan decided before starting.

When considering using paneling on your walls you need to consider all of your options. If you have any damage to your walls then you may need to dry wall them, this takes a long time and makes a of mess. Paneling reduces the needs to use dry walling. Other alternatives include wallpaper and tiles. Purchasing self adhesive wallpaper may make your life a lot easier.

Paneling is very cheap but it is still very durable. As long as you purchase high quality paneling and install it properly there is no reason why it shouldn?t last you for many years to come.

If your walls are not even then you will need to use plaster, scrapers, and sandpaper to even out the walls. If you are remodeling dry walling then this is extremely important. As soon as you have all the necessary tools, such as a mitre saw, you can start work on improving your home. If you have any large holes then you will need to use the patches with plastering kits. You may need some of these tools when installing paneling on your walls.

Some people may use paneling in to hide defects in the wall, including covering up dents, holes and any cracks. Someone may even decide to do this to hide damaged paintwork. This can be a great way to hide and improve your home without having to spend a of money. Most people won?t want to do this, but some will.

Paneling your walls actually reduces the value of your home. This will affect the possibility of you being able to get loans on your home. If a home has paneling then the lender will be very cautious and value the home as much less than before. You need to think long and hard to decide whether or not paneling is suitable for your home.

Many rooms benefit from having panels on the walls, however some rooms are better off without them. Bath areas for example are well suited to tiles, and not wooden paneling. Tiles are very easy to keep clean and are very durable.

If you have paneled your walls and want to improve these areas then you should think very hard about whether to restore the panels or take them off. Actually restoring wooden paneling is very easy compared to refinishing the entire wall.

Tiles are often more durable and versatile than paneling, vinyl is also a valid option for many people. When considering which method to use it is important to think about everything, including the cost and quality of materials which you will be using.

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