Refinish Your Hardwood Floors With The Proper Tools

Refinish Your Hardwood Floors With The Proper Tools

If you want to refinish your hardwood floor, you'll need the right equipments. These specialized devices are the drum and palm sanders, floor sanding edger, and floor buffer.

Hardwood floors can be a beautiful feature in the home. They have a limitless charm that can compliment any room in the house. Hardwood flooring provides a durable finish as evidenced by the many old homes with original hardwood flooring still in use. Durability is one quality, but many choose hardwood flooring for its aesthetic appeal. Hardwood flooring is easy enough to maintain, but with regular assistance from Bloomfield hardwood floor refinishing, it only makes this job a snap. You can redo and care for you hardwood flooring by using equipments especially designed for it. A quick rundown of the equipments available for cleaning and caring for hardwood flooring is good to know, whether you already have hardwood floor or are considering an installation.

Floor sanding with the use of a drum sander

If you want to keep your hardwood floors in great shape, there are many different sanders that can do the job. The most common sander is the drum sander. A drum sander is a power tool that somewhat resembles a massive vacuum cleaner. In fact, moving this equipment up and down the stairs might require the work of two people. Drum sanders have high-velocity electric motors that rotate loops of sandpaper at high speeds. The device can strip the finish and also smooths the wood that makes up the floor. This is needed to get the floor ready for re-staining and refinishing. This can be quite a messy chore, but with proper preparation and care, and as long as you know how to operate the sander properly, completing this task is nothingRustic Home Decor like rocket science.

Sanding hardwood floor edges with a floor sanding edger

Although standard floor refinishing machines can zip through the job, they are also too bulky to get into corners and crevices on the periphery of the floor's surface. Because of this, the floor edges may still be untouched. A handy sander that is a smaller version of the drum sander is the floor sanding edger. It allows one to sand the edges as well as other tight spaces with the same grit of sandpaper. The floor sanding edger helps finish the sanding process and results in a more complete smoothness.

Refinishing floors with palm sanders

Palm sanders are hand-held pieces of equipment used to give hardwood floors a range of finishes from medium to fine. Palm sanders are practical for small to medium projects and are perfect for doing fine detail work which makes them commonly used to sand furniture and complete millinery work. This piece of equipment is operated by moving in circles and has sandpaper attached to the bottom.

Buffing hardwood floors with floor buffers

A floor buffer is a machine that resembles a large upright vacuum cleaner. With a large rotary brush and speed controls that can be configured according to the type of floor you have, this is one of the most effective tools for cleaning, sanding and polishing floors. This device prepares the floor for sanding by loosening the dirt and other residue from the floor with the help of a cleaning agent.

In order for hardwood floors to last a long time, proper care and regular refinishing must be applied for this popular flooring choice.

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