what kind of power tool & saw blade can i use to cut a simple scroll on a 2″X8″ pressure treated lumber 30cuts

A reader asked..

I’m building a purgola and want to cut simple scroll 1/2 moon curve design on 15ea. 2R3;X8″X8′ 30 cuts in all, what kind of power saw could is use, ie.reciprocating, jig saw and what type of blades.
thank you.
30 cuts meaning, i have 15- 2″X8″X8′ and need to a simple curve cut on each end.

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    • tnkumar1
    • February 21, 2011

    Use Bosch jig saw with special blades available specially for lumber.

    • the_cheeze_cop
    • February 21, 2011

    Use your template and mark all you boards with your design. Then use wood blade and ‘jig saw’ and cut away. The more twisting the design, the less width the blade needs to be. Usually 1/4″ wide. Not that hard once you get your ‘rhythm’. Do it like an assembly line. Have fun with your project.

    Exert about blades from site below:

    One of the most important parts of the saw is the blade. Different blades are available for different applications. Blades are classified by the number of teeth they have per inch (tpi). The higher the tpi the smoother the finished cut. The lower the tpi the quicker the cut. The material from which the blade is made also effects performance. Here are a few common blades and their uses:

    High Speed Steel (HSS) blades are usually used for wood and light metal cutting.

    Bi-metal blades are used for wood and light metal cutting.

    Cobalt steel blades are harder than HSS or bi-metal blades and should last longer. They are commonly used for wood and metal cutting.

    Carbide grit blades are used to cut masonry board.

    Scrolling blades are narrower than typical jig saw blades and used to make tighter turning cuts.

    • design ideas
    • February 21, 2011

    I have done this and scrolling is not the answer. You won’t get to 30 that way and they don’t come out nice because the blades wear too fast. They are shot with-in the first few inches and won’t cut straight up and down . Make a simple jig up and use a router it’s wicked faster and they will come perfect. another thing is to find pressure treated that is DRY not super wet ask the lumber yard if they can help on that one. I promise if you try the scroll saw or sawzall you will be thinking router all day.

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