Summer Outdoor Jobs – Basics

by Ron Hartfield

The summer is a fabulous time of the year. It’s the time to get outside and have a lot of fun. It’s also the time when it appears that there’s always something that needs to be done or worked at. And, jobs such as mowing and weeding need to be carried out regularly.

Your lawn and landscaping needs more time than any other outdoor job. It’s the first impression that visitors get of your house and you want it to look at its best. Applying fertilizer to your lawn will it grow thicker and have a much deeper green color. Regular cutting and trimming will also assist.

Wood chips and plastic sheeting can be utlized in flower beds to minimize the need to weed. It can also assist the soil to retain moisture and reduce the amount of watering. And, your trees, bushes and shrubs will need pruning and trimming.

The wood on your deck can take a hiding during the winter months. The snow melt, freezing and thawing can rapidly attack the woods surface. Throughly cleaning the wood and re-sealing it will keep it from deteriorating further and needing replacement. A little effort now can save you from more work at a future point.

While solar fixtures are practically maintenance free, they do need to be cleaned. Any solar panels need to be wiped down to assist them perform at their best. And, you should remove the glass globes and throughly clean them to enable the light to shine through better.

It’s a really good idea to check the outside of your home for cracks or loose siding that will permit the to ingress and cause rotting. Siding that has to stain or mildew can often be cleaned with soap and water using brushes. But, for really bad stains you will need to buy special cleaners.

If you own a pool, you know that even though they’re bags of fun, they can be a lot of work too. The pool water must be checked at least once each 7 days and chemicals added if required. And, you must clean the sides of the pool and check your filter at least once month.

There are always plenty of outdoor tasks that need to be completed throughout the whole of the summer months. But, with some forethought you can still the time to carry out the jobs that you want to achieve while the weather is nice. Letting your outdoor tasks go for too long, can result infinish up making the task longer than it needs to be.

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