besides a nibbler , is there any other hand tool that could cut sheet metal ?

reader asked..

i need to cut down in small pieces this shed that flew over my friends backyard.the storage shed is huge and it’s made out of sheet metal . from the backyard the garage(which is like a maze)and through the garage door to my van and finally to the recycling center or the dumps.

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    • JB
    • July 4, 2011

    A large sheet metal shears, which will still be slow. Or a metal cutting blade for either a circle saw, or a reciprocating saw. I have one on my saws-all that worked well on my jobs.

    • dirtydog
    • July 4, 2011

    This is demo work?

    Perfect task for a sawzall w/’demotilion’ (bimet) blades!
    It’d be safer than a circular saw on this job.

    • David W
    • July 4, 2011

    an angle grinder with a cutting disc would do the job, but it’s noisy and slow by comparison.

    • oil field trash
    • July 4, 2011

    If I were doing this, I get out my Sawall with a bunch of metal cutting blades and my old circular saw with a metal cutting blade.

    You’ll probably need both types of saws to do the job. If you don’t have these type of saws, you can rent them or buy them. They really aren’t that expensive when you think about the effort they will save.

    Don’t forget to have several sets of gloves and eye protection. This is not a job where you want to be macho and not protect you hands and eyes.

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