Guide to Remodeling your Porche

by Johnathan Bakers

It can be very beneficial if you remodel your porch, there are many examples on the which demonstrate what a success would look like. An example at shows that you can bring the outdoors in with the right choice of materials and paint. You can use some pretty skills to improve your backyard. Many people have been plagued by mosquitoes have made more out of their back porches in order to enjoy their garden. Although thinking porches is fairly easy, actually installing one certainly isn?t easy.

Many people want to screen the patio that already exists in their garden and then a roof; however it is actually quite a complicated task. You need to create a beautiful room that will withstand the conditions. Most concrete patios will have a slanted edge to encourage the rain to run off, this meant that many people will have to cut away some of the frame so that the frame can fit the slope.

When installing a there are some important things that you need to remember:

1. Start by cutting the panels to size. You can purchase already primed sheets which are 4×8 foot in size, these can then be cut to fit.

2. Next you need to Install the ceiling panels and consider fitting a fan. For an easy job you should defiantly invest in a nail gun, this is much quicker having to use a hammer. Before you have installed all of the ceiling panels you should wire the fan and light in so that they will work. The fan can be used when it?s hot to make it cooler inside, and the light is ideal for use at night. Trip should be put around the joints of the panels to hide them.

3. The porch should then be framed. Most will decide to use a 2×4 frame which is designed to fit standard porches. You can either nail the crosspieces directly onto the vertical strips or simply toe-nail them in place.

4. Once the frame is set up you should then install the paneling to the interior of the porch. It?s easier if you use a staple gun for this purpose. The panels need to be cut at the bottom so that they can accommodate the run off of the concrete slab on the patio.

5. Once you?ve nearly finished you need to install the exterior paneling, making sure that it is level. These exterior panels should be made from hardwood so that they are long lasting and durable. You will also need to trim these panels to fit the concrete slab. You can paint the panels if desired.

6. Put the finishing touches to your screen. Most people choose to install grids onto the wooden frame. These screens are attached to the channels in the grids. This creates an installation which doesn?t require staples. The excess of the screen is then cut off and fixed into place.

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