Tips for Installing a Workspace Bench

by Linden Walhard

If you’re a handyman (or woman) then you are surely in need of a garage workbench. A workbench is essential for completing projects with accuracy and without damaging your desk or room table. It’s also a perfect place for storing your tools and materials. The type of depends on your budget and needs. Here are a few suggestions.

First decide what size of you’ll need and what you’ll need it for. Lay out all your tools and measure your workspace. Take into consideration what you may be using it for in the future.

There are a wide variety of pre-made workbenches that come in different materials and sizes. For a simple, large surface type of then consider a industrial workbench. Most of these models are simply a piece of hardwood or metal for the top and metal legs and a lower shelf. This type of bench allows for plenty of storage space underneath for large tools and equipment. There are also more elaborate pre-made models with cabinets, drawers, and a peg- wall for storage of small tools and equipment. You can hang your tools from the peg-board so they are within easy sight and reach. Some also have a power strip on the table top so you can easy connect your equipment to a power supply.

Most prefabricated workbenches come in standard sizes to accommodate most spaces. Some allow for modifications and additions of shelving and drawers so you can customize them. The height of benches is also standard and will work for most heights. If your garage floor is not level then you may need to make special alterations to the legs.

If your workspace is limited or an odd shape then you’ll need to build your own workbench. Even if this is not the case you may want to build one yourself since it makes a good do-it-yourself project and aesthetics are not as important as other projects. You can buy a kit that comes with everything you need and with pieces that are precut. The level of customization is still limited so you might need to make one from scratch.

Building your own workbench from scratch is more difficult but it will give you good practice and the end product will be exactly what you need. There are free plans available on the internet or you can find a larger selection for sale at any home improvement store. Use a solid wood for the top surface and make sure it is thick so it is durable and can be sanded every few years. Make sure you make your cuts even and don’t take shortcuts.

Though your finished doesn’t need to be aesthetically pleasing, you should apply several coats of polyurethane to the top to protect it and make for easier cleanups.

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