All Weather Wicker Furniture – Now a Possibility

Many people look at their homes as lifelong investments. Much time is given in choosing the perfect location, walls, appliances, and furniture. Furniture can make or break home. Mismatched couches greet your mornings with an eyesore, oversized dinner sets can make your dining area feel crowded, and uncomfortable beds make you wish you didn’t need to sleep. Today, one of the more popular furniture choices are those which are made from wicker.

The wicker was once very weak furniture. They are not meant for the harsh weather, as they will be ruined. However, with the new version, wicker can withstand almost anything. You no longer have to keep them inside as this beautiful furniture can be now displayed outdoors.

People sometimes think of wicker as type of material. They are in fact a way of weaving materials such as Rattan, Bamboo, Reed, Cane, and Paper Fiber. These expensive materials themselves are not weather proof. In this modern age, we are introduced to materials such as Resin and Viro Fiber. They, on the other hand will not fall under the mercy of harsh weather elements.

– There are few reasons why you should get resin or polypropylene resin. This new synthetic property is heat proof as well as fading, cracking and discoloring. You never have to worry about repainting it unless you want to decorate your living room with new colors. Other than that you will be glad to know that resin is also moisture proof.

– You would be happy to know that there is furniture out there with a material that can withstand almost anything like hot temperature, weather changes, UV light, chlorine and salt water. The material is Viro fiber. It is polyethylene based so its one of the most durable material in the market.

Most homeowners need not worry about smudges or discoloration when it comes to dark-colored furniture. Unfortunately, lighter colored ones, such as white wicker outdoor furniture, tend to be at disadvantage. But with the use of Resin or Viro Fiber, your all weather wicker furniture is not only durable against all harsh elements but it is also resistant to smudges and discoloration. With nothing more than soap and water with a little cleaning solution, your furniture will look brand new all the time.

The tags all weather wicker will not ensure you lasting and quality product. There are a few things you should know:

– You need to find out whether the your low priced all weather wicker furniture is made of materials that is really durable. Sometimes, it could be made of Bamboo or Rattan. These materials are prone to rotting and decay because of it low quality.

– Weaving should be done tightly. Make sure that the furniture has no gaps or loose ends as this may cause premature damage.

– If you have pets or young children, you may want to reconsider buying very expensive wicker furniture especially white wicker furniture (permanent markers may be difficult to wash off) even if it is made from durable materials such as Resin and Viro Fiber. Though these furniture claim extreme durability and sturdiness, constant abuse from pets and children may leave few dents here and there.

– Check to see if the leg bottoms have protection to avoid damage to your flooring. If the furniture doesn’t come with casters, you may want to immediately avail yourself of one before setting your chairs and tables on expensive flooring.

Your house can use great looking patio furniture like wicker. You should keep them in moderate amount as too many will make a mess out of your home. Pair your wicker with pillows, cushions and rugs so they will look and feel more comfortable. You should have contrasting colors as this works best with soft furniture like wicker. You can save on budget at the same time not sacrifice style and quality with wicker.

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