Do It Yourself with Armstrong Ceiling Installation Tips

by Salvador Paez

isn’t an easy job by any means. It entails hours of hard work and sacrifice. Those who have no experience at it may find in daunting. But there is great satisfaction in learning how to do it, accomplishing it and resting after a job well done. And if somebody has to do it anyway, why not you? Besides, you know exactly what you want better than anybody else.

“Armstrong ceiling installation tip” is a term that refers to any ceiling installation tip that’s made available through Armstrong International’s official website. Armstrong International is an acknowledged leader in flooring, ceiling, and cabinet manufacturing and design. And with the help of an Armstrong step-by-step installation guide available on their website, they are fully capable of installing Armstrong home products without having to rely on professional assistance.

Here are some of the tips found on their website:

For starters: Remove the equipment and Armstrong products from their packaging the night before installation. This allow the products to adjust to the room conditions overnight. The next day, try to install them at normal room humidity and temperature.

For wall molding: In the case of level wall molding use water level or laser to check. It is easier to use as well as more as compared to the carpenter’s level.

For wall molding: Create a wood fascia and install it the wall first if you’re working on an uneven wall.

For main beams and cross tees: In the case of residential projects, 16-gauge wires are recommended. Reduce that to 12 if you’re going on commercial jobs.

For main beams and cross tees: If bending wire hangers, make sure the bottom part of the main beams is level with the bottom of your molding.

Check the official website for the complete Armstrong ceiling installation guide.

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