Window Valances for that picture-perfect window screens

by Adam Peters

Read following paragraphs to know how window valances can be complementary to your dcor!

A window valance is an apt choice for you if you are among one of those individuals who have a flair for gazing outside the window to remain aware of your surroundings and love the beauty of nature as it comes. Obstruction of any outside view must be an irritating thing for you. You can make choice for a perfect valance from a wide variety of valance styles. In case, you are keen to have a carefree and non-obstructive view, anytime of the day, you may select valance without kind of related accessories, you may also turn it by adding drapes, blinds, shutters and curtains.

You may decide to choose both, casual and formal, window valances for your interior design project. The usage of an airy light cotton-alike material or a heavy tapestry-alike fabric can also be used in regard. In you are interested to have that free flowing and ravishing look, you may opt for an informal valance; you may also opt for a stiff and fitted valance that looks good in its overall appearance.

If you want to give a unique look to valance, you may try the balloon valance that resembles the shape of a balloon. The appearance of the balloon valance and the way it is rod-hanged and pitched into sections gives an interesting overall appearance to it. Each section is ballooned out due to the way it is bundled up. The top portion of balloon valance is normally ruffled a bit and any puffy valance areas are stuffed with a high-quality tissue or newspaper so that they don’t show up. A lightweight cotton material or something solid in appearance or use of patterns and stripes comes handy for this. Swag valance, another type of valance, is mostly used with a lightweight fabric but may also be used with a heavy fabric. The swag valance can be extended short to the floor followed by pooling into a little pile. The fabric is folded as per the style width rays and is later draped across the decorative brackets; the swag is then hoisted in an upward direction on each of its sides by decorative brackets. The center portion needs to be supported with a discreet bracket and pin, in the window is wide and the weight is resulting in a swoop.

Pleated valance is one of the most appealing valances and is mostly made up of a heavy fabric that can hold its shape during its formation. To ensure that each section is equal in its size between the pleated folds, it is essential that the fabric must be cut in a careful manner. The services of an expert seamstress or professional interior decorator may be hired to tackle the pleated valance style. The pleated valance is hanged by making the use of a frame made from two-by-four board along with an L-bracket to generate a shelf-alike look at top of the window. You can then staple the fabric to the shaped board and the board may then be hanged onto the brackets. There are different valances for sunrooms, which can meet your needs and likings.

It is not essential to have any kind of experience while creating a window valance. You must keep only one thing in your mind, that the sole aim of window valance is to provide accent and not to be the point of your room.

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