Outdoor Flood Lighting Information

Outdoor flood lights are a convenient and cost efficient option for individuals wishing to illuminate landscape areas such as gardens, pathways or unique architectural features. Flood lights provide large amounts of light with minimal usage. While we line voltage (120V) options, many of our flood lights are low voltage (12V), and ship with incandescent or halogen flood light bulbs that range from 5 to 35 watts. We offer flood lights in a variety of styles. From simple, long lasting aluminum housings, to artistic brass flood lights that come in all manner of interesting shapes.

Our Focus Lighting and Techlight line voltage (120V) flood lights are suited to a wide range of landscape uses. Attractive, sleek and -efficient, these flood lights are set inside a black extruded aluminum housing that is both durable and long-lasting. These fixtures ship with 5, 7, 9, 13, or 2 x 13 watt fluorescent bulbs, which are placed between a high impact clear acrylic lens and a highly polished aluminum reflector for maximum luminosity. These bulbs are tested to burn over 10,000 hours, this the most trouble free, exterior flood lighting fixture we offer. You may choose from 11 available protective “powder coat” finishes for attractiveness and protection. Antique Verde, Camel Tone, Hunter Green and Weathered Iron are just a few of the colors we offer, which may serve as the finishing touch on your outdoor lighting project.

For low voltage options, we offer “wall washers” which come housed in durable aluminum, brass or copper. Your choice in metal housing will depend largely upon the climate of your region, as well as how long you wish the fixture to last. Our low voltage aluminum flood light come in cast aluminum, which has a protective powder coating to ensure resistance against the elements. However, aluminum housing does deteriorate over time, unlike brass or copper which tend to “age” more gracefully. Our brass flood lights ship with 18 watt, low voltage halogen bulbs with an average lamp life of 2000 hours. With an easily adjusted swivel, stamped brass housing, and high impact tempered glass, these flood lights are built to last! Best of all these fixtures come in a variety of interesting shapes to enhance a certain thematic feel within your lawn or garden. These include a star fish shapes, seashells, mushrooms, china hats and scallops. These artistic fixtures will not only add light to your landscape project, but serve as conversation pieces as well! Finally, we a number of copper flood lights with adjustable brass swivels. Housed in stamped copper, with a diamond embossed spectacular aluminum reflector, these flood lights are some of the most attractive and luminous flood lights you will find anywhere.

The low voltage flood light kits we are safe and easy to install for even an amateur electrician. Should you need help, however, in either deciding which flood lights are most appropriate to your project, or with the installation itself, do not hesitate to contact the lighting experienced professionals. They are eager to discuss with you all of the flood lighting options that are offered, as well as to provide suggestions as to which ones are best suited to your application.

To learn more visit our outdoor flood lighting information section or read more about outdoor flood lighting information.

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