Bank Owned Foreclosure Research

Bank Owned Foreclosure Research
by Steven McCarthy

How do you find bank owned foreclosure property? The mortgage crisis has been a nightmare for some and a dream for others. For the people who have lost their homes, it is a sad and life altering experience. Where they see no hope, others see opportunity. There are people looking to make a good investment out of these foreclosed homes.

If you intend to bid on a property at auction you will be competing with the lender and any other investors interested in the property. Before the day of the auction, you have to find out as much as you can about the properties history, any back taxes, environmental pollution, liens or easements against the property and repairs that may have to be made. All of these expenses need to be added up and figured into the highest price your willing to bid and still make a profit. When you go to the foreclosure auction know the highest bid you can make and still make your profit margin and stick to it, if the bid goes higher just walk away, this property will not be profitable for you.

It also depends on the condition on the bank owned property. You will also want to consider the interest rate. Currently interest rates are at record breaking lows. These market conditions are very attractive to investors. There are a number of upscale homes that are going through foreclosure and are selling for at all time lows.

The temptation to jump on a deal like that is almost impossible to pass up. The average price on bank owned property for sale is about five percent below market. There are some properties that have been selling as cheap as thirty to forty percent below market. Another advantage to buying foreclosed homes is that the banks are eager to get rid of the property. Work with the bank in coming up with the best deal possible. Sometimes a lender will waive portions of the closing costs. Some have even offered a deal on the down paymentNew Homes Builder or interest rate.

Do your homework in the areas you are interested in purchasing a property. Real estate agents have come up with some unique ways to show their database to find foreclosed properties. It was rare that some realtors would have so many listings of this type at one time, but now it is becoming common.

Go through a realtor and check with attorneys prior to signing any papers. The laws on bank owned properties are a little different. You will want to know that you have all your papers in order and all titles, taxes, deeds and other red tape are legal and binding.

One of the great advantages of foreclosure investing with REOs is the lending institution is the lien holder, and therefore you know you will have a clear title and that is a nice little money and time saving perk. I have heard so many stories about the hapless investor who was assured the title to the property was absolutely clear and not to waste your time and money doing a title search for nothing, only to be stuck with a property they have no clear title to. The only time you really know you have a clear title to a property is when buying the property from the lien holder, or having a title search done.

There will be a ton of results available to you. No matter what path you take to find a foreclosed home, be sure to do all your research. Be motivated and organized. This will save you time and money. Don’t purchase a property before you have personally inspected it. Some homes have been trashed by angry owners and may not be worth the cost of repairing. You don’t want to be stuck with that problem! That’s another issue in itself! Move on to find bank owned foreclosure properties that will be profitable.

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