What Prospective Buyers Ought to Know About Air Conditioners

Aside from providing us with comfort during hot weather, some air conditioners are also beneficial when it comes to health conditions like respiratory problems since it gives us worry-free air by dehumidifying and eliminating harmful bacteria.

Air conditioners come in different kinds, sizes, cooling capacities and prices. Most consumers get confused when it comes to choosing the right kind of unit to buy. It be remembered that air conditioners are designed to decrease the humidity of a certain place. The first thing to consider is the size of that chosen place and of the wanted unit. By calculating the volume of the room (length x width x height) and by determining the most exposed wall of the room (east, west, south), you will be able to figure out the size of the AC unit that you need. To make it clearer, assign values to the mentioned directions, 17 for east, 20 for west, 1 for north and 18 for south. Multiply the volume of the room and the corresponding value of the direction and divide the product by the level of your home insulation. The result would be the size of the unit.

Be it at home or an office room, the most commonly used is the window air conditioner which gives a air cooling in a closed and small area. Large like an entire floor building are efficiently cooled down using central air conditioner. It uses pipes and ducts to distribute cooled air which guarantees a lower level of noise indoors.

The next thing to consider is how to prolong the life of our AC units. How exactly can we take of it? Most AC contractors advice to change the filter every three to six months depending on its usage. Filters easily get dirty for it is exposed to dust accumulation between the slats of the front cover. The easiest way to clean it by yourself is by using dust mop or a specially design brush. Remember not to use spray cleaner! The liquid may leak into the inside system of the unit. Owners should take responsibility in checking and monitoring their unit to avoid certain malfunctions. Other possible problems that may occur in the evaporator coil, condenser, drive motors, among others, should be directly checked by authorized repair clinics.

Another concern to be discussed is about the energy saving tips for the unit owners. Because of the heat the summer brings, there be an effort to lessen the electric bill without decreasing the quality of proper ventilation that you deserve. Simple tips like using thermostat timers which will allow you to set your preferred temperature without wasting energy are helpful. Turning your microwave, computer, refrigerator, television, oven and lights will also minimize amount of work done by the air conditioner. You may also want to apply weather-stripping and around the tiny openings in your house where heat can escape .By following these things, expect a stress-free experience with your new cooling machine.

Air conditioners

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