Solar Power for the Home

With fuel reserves running out at a rate than they are being used and new sources not being built fast enough to keep up with future demand it is only prudent that we use the abundant energy available for free from the sun – solar energy. Using solar energy helps greatly reduce environmental pollution. Many people resist installing solar power in their homes thinking them to be extremely expensive and cumbersome. The other problem is that we really do not understand the technology involved and are wary of change in the way that we generate our power requirements. You will, however, be surprised to know how easy it is to install and make use of these power solutions. In your own homes. The major benefit being that they will significantly reduce your power bills. You will also be secure in the knowledge that you are doing your part in saving energy resources and reducing the impact of pollution

for future generations.

Solar cooker: A solar cooker is a cooking that uses only the power of the sun for cooking. You can easily cook food for up to five people in the small box like device. If you think using a solar cooker will reduce your choice of menu then think again you will be surprised to know that you can not only boil food but also roast and bake using only the sun’s power ! The only downside with the solar cooker is the time it takes to cook. A small price to pay given the free source of it uses, and the reduction in ever growing bills.

Solar home lighting: Solar home system solar into electrical energy for your home using photovoltaic cell’s that are grouped together to increase efficiency and output. At night your house can still be illuminated because of the solar energy stored in the solar cells. If you install a solar home system in your home you will never again worry about large electricity bills. Solar heating system: By Installing a solar hot water heating system in your home it will help cutting down your electricity bill as well as saving the world’s depleting power and fuel resources. In the past some system’s were quite bulky but thanks to improved technology companies providing solar power solutions for homes can now install aesthetically pleasing heating systems in your home. The other barrier to installing solar heating was the costs involved but now days investing in a solar heating system is a good move because you can get a return on your investment within three to four years.

Solar water heating systems are split into two groups: Active and passive. When the heating systems are active they rely on a pumping system or other mechanical that can move the water between the flat plate collector and the storage tank. Active is the most common as it is quicker and more efficient. A passive system uses gravity to move the water from the flat plate collector to the storage tank. This can result in performance issues and can be slow at times resulting in a lack of hot water. Both systems are a logical consideration and it may be more of a choice of preference for you. Another detail that you need to consider is that if your flat plate collector and your storage tank are not at the correct angle it may be hard or near impossible for gravity to feed the liquid through.

Be hard or near impossible for gravity to feed the liquid through.

Why not build your own solar panel ? It’s not as complicated as you might think.In fact even a complete novice given the right information can easily make a working solar panel. Visit the author’s web site he is an expert on solar energy and wind power.

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