Bedroom Furniture in Italy – Molto Bella!

Italy is a leader in fashion and design, second only to France and the Parisian shopping district that is the fashion capital of the world. When trends are set and forwarded to New York, they come one of these two locations. That includes not only clothing but home and furniture designs as well. In order to be hip and in the know, it’s important for designers in the United States to make pilgrimages abroad and see what the latest and greatest offerings are across the Atlantic. In terms of bedroom furniture, Italy has turned to the simplistic use of platform beds, which are modern and basic, with sleek lines and sharp angles.

In today’s society, people change their minds frequently and want instant gratification. That’s true the world over, even in places like Italy where the lifestyle is a little slower paced and less rushed. That means that, if someone wants their furniture to last through the changes in trends and personal style, it is essential for the pieces to be as generic as possible. Contemporary beds designed out of Italy are being manufactured this way specifically for such a purpose. Of course, because the furniture is meant to last through numerous redecorations and for many years ahead, the beds produced here are of the highest quality. At the same time, Italians are frugal and won’t spend more than necessary, looking for the best value for their buck.

Of course, in Italy just as in many European nations, the apartments or “flats” as they are called are much smaller than what people are used to in the United States, so furniture has to accommodate the space available. This leads to combination pieces like bookcase headboards, which offer a place to store books and important items that need to be accessible while not taking up extra space. It will also grace the head of the bed with style that reflects personal taste and a of self through the items that are chosen for display.

The trundle day bed is especially popular when it comes to roommates sharing one of these small flats, of which are no bigger than the living rooms in a typical American home. This allows for seating on the sofa bed portion during the day, which is transformed into a bed at night, as well as a second bed that can be put away during the day to clear up more floor space.

Even in larger houses, rooms are not as spacious as those in North America, so king sized furniture is not the best option. Instead, Italians are more likely to purchase queen wood beds, choosing wood because of its durability and stylistic appeal. And, in order to provide a very basic canvas upon which to build a new design or theme, many Italians will take advantage of the plainness of platform beds. This creates the opportunity to quickly wipe the slate clean and start anew without spending a fortune on with each whim.

Ben Weissman writes about using Daybeds, Metal Beds and furniture from Prepac Furniture to create a beautiful bedroom at an affordable price. Make your bedroom a personal retreat.

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