DeWalt D55141 Heavy-Duty 2 Gallon Trim Compressor

DeWalt D55141 Heavy-Duty 2 Gallon Trim CompressorThe DeWalt D55141 is a Heavy-Duty 2 , 150 PSI . The provides extended maintenance-free and low 79 allows for quieter . Finish woodworkers and carpenters can use the D55141 to complete custom and exterior trim, while other tradesmen will find the D55141 useful in a number of non-trim applications. For increased , the compressor produces 2.0 SCFM at 90 PSI, 150 PSI Max and provides users with a low noise at 79 dBA. The DeWlat D155141 is also equipped with an oil-free pump, allowing for maintenance-free . The long-life pump delivers surge performance with quick recovery and the oil-free design also increases productivity by eliminating the need for users to check or refill the pump. Additionally, the oil-free pump helps to keep the jobsite clean, preventing oil from transferring to work surfaces. The motor is also equipped with a high flow regulator that delivers maximum air pressure, increasing performance on the jobsite. For increased efficiency it is equipped with the easy-to-use dual, quick couplers, allowing multiple nailer operations at the same time. The compressor also features a ball drain valve for quick and thorough tank draining and a convenient cord wrap for quick, easy storage. The DeWalt Air Compressor is built with an innovative roll cage, full-protection frame design to shield the unit from accidental damage and routine wear and tear. The wrap-around control panel that covers the frame also provides further protection to key components of the compressor. Features:2.0 SCFM delivered @ 90 PSI pump, 2.0 tank and 150 max PSI enables more nails to be fired and provides quicker recoveryDurable oil free pump provides extended maintenance-free operationLow 79* dBA allows for quieter operation (*Tested per ISO3744)Roll cage and control panel provide protection to key compressor componentsLow 8 amp draw motor provides easy start-up and reduces breaker trippingLightweight (30 lbs), thin (10.5") and compact design is easy to carry and storeBall valve drain allows for quick and thorough tank drainingDual quick couplers to easily support 2 nailersConvenient cord wrap for easy storageHigh-flow regulator for increased performance What's In the Box:DeWalt D55141 Heavy-Duty 2 Trim Compressor

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