Popular Brands of Dining Sets

Purchasing the right dining sets requires careful research and proper comparisons. This can help save time and money as well as provide you with the most appropriate dining sets for your purposes.

There are hundreds of dining sets in the market. There are a lot of factors you need to consider when buying dining sets. These include your purpose for the dining sets, the rooms where it will be placed, and your budget. Here are some brands that offer quality-dining sets. They are not too pricey since they come as low as $300 up to as high as $2000 only.


Home Styles are well known for being one of the leading manufacturers of furniture. Their products are carefully made so as to maintain their high standards. Aside from this, they boast of their beautifully designed furniture.

1. Rectangular table dining set 88-5173-3

This set has a cherry and black tap. It is simple yet elegantly designed so as to compliment any room you will place it in. Although the size is perfect in a small area, it is still a bit sturdy despite its size.

2. Soda Shoppe Bench Set in Red Breakfast Nook – style 5997-800/ 5997-86

A spacious and comfortable set for the family, transporting you back to the 50’s with its retro style. It is best placed in your kitchen for a casual and carefree dining experience. It has a short seat, long seat and corner seat, and an additional bench that can squeeze three more people for a more enjoyable get together. The seats are cushioned in red vinyl with silver frames. The table has a top surface made of vinyl laminate, in red and white, and a powder covered silver base. This set is also available in black color.


They are considered as one of the leading brands in casual dining sets. They are proud to have stylish, elegant, yet affordable furniture. They usually offer a one-year warranty on their products so as to provide high quality standards for their customers.

1. Pompei Dining set

The Pompei dining set exhibits an Italian motif that is combined with traditional designs. It is one of the collections in the Pompei series. It features a glass top, where in, a slate mosaic can be seen having a black or gold finish. Together with the beautifully designed chairs, it provides additional d

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