Online Backup For Data Recovery And Piece Of Mind

by Dan Miller

The process of backing up one’s computer data is a process that, like other forms of insurance, may seem too mundane or unnecessary to bother with – until disaster strikes and it is too late. Years ago, computer data backup software and solutions consisted of some form of external physical media, such as a CD, zip drive, DVD, external hard drive, or tape drive, plus automating software running on the computer.

When the market for a backup solution, modern broadband internet connections, plus more affordable hard drive space, have made online backup a viable option to consider. Accordingly, numerous online backup services are now available for both additional space, as well as disaster recovery. These services generally have the advantage of not requiring the user to purchase external storage, but rather to pay for the service on an ongoing basis, as one does their internet connection.

Performing a typical backup can be quite a strain on one’s computer compared to using the software client’s footprint. However, the speed of the latter method is limited to bandwidth and a large backup can become very time intensive. Traditional methods using external physical media are faster, but can be halted if the Internet connection is lost.

Many of these services provide a free trial, and fees start at about five dollars per month for a regular subscription, on up to hundreds of dollars per year for enterprise subscriptions. Presently, available storage space starts around one gigabyte, on up to unlimited space. Unlike with external media, the user can simply purchase more storage space as needed.

Some services are tailored to the Windows operating system while others are more toward the Macintosh operating system. One can then expect the entire data restoration process to be much easier from certain services than others. Also, many online backup services have options for additional functionality such as photo sharing through online slide shows, sharing, data encryption during uploading and downloading as well as the data storage itself.

Internal hard drives have an inherent failure rate, and there are many ways a hard drive can be compromised, or the data it contains stolen along with the computer. So no matter the service one chooses, having a functional and regular data backup routine place is critical in the event of such an emergency.

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