Get An Opinion From Family Members Before Renovation

by Rob Carlton

For those living in a ranch-style home, there can be just as many exciting remodelling ideas as there are for older, historical homes. It may take some creative thinking but renovating a ranch home can be a great way to increase the home’s value and change the atmosphere as well.

The key to any good renovation, for any style home, is to do some serious “brainstorming.” This may mean talking with family members to get their opinions, as well as talking with friends who have completed a successful home renovation. Even a good remodelling contractor will some ideas with you. Most of the time, good home remodelling tips and ideas are not a secret, but are readily shared by everyone involved.

While many home remodelling articles, television shows and commercial plans have been targeted to much older homes in recent years, the owner of a ranch home may still be overwhelmed when he or she begins searching for suitable ideas. When it comes to upgrading or renovating the ranch-style home, the opportunities and choices vary. Talk to half a dozen people about the project and you will probably get a different opinion from one.

Some of ideas have become quite popular in the last few years, primarily because the ideas work. For example, many ranch-style homes have an L-shape floor plan and in almost every case the ranch style home is long, narrow and basically rectangular. Not only are ranch homes different from much older homes in general shape, the newer ranch-style home has lower ceilings and different interior floor plans as well. Any major renovation or remodelling should take this into consideration.

Ranch style homes constructed in the last few decades have often come with wood paneling and sufficient closet space. This separates them from the older homes that had plaster walls and no closet space to speak of. (In homes that were built 100 years ago, for example, clothing was often stored in free-standing wardrobes.)

Some people who have renovated a ranch home urge using natural-finish wood if possible. This seems to be attractive to future buyers, in addition to giving the home a more comfortable feel. This may add a bit to the cost of the remodelling project, but in the long run, the additional cost can be recovered when the house is sold. If the family plans to remain in the home indefinitely, the ambience created by the wood will make the home more comfortable.

Within the remodelling industry, the experience of contractors and home buyers has been that those who renovate a ranch-style home usually do so with the intention of reselling at a profit. If a remodelling project is in the planning stages for your ranch-style home, keep this basic goal in mind. Make changes with an eye toward improving the home’s value, even if the family plans to stay in the home for a few years.

Of course, home renovations can be made strictly with the idea of making the home more comfortable for the family too. But when estimating costs for the renovation, keep in mind that changes can also be made to make the ranch home more attractive (and more valuable) to a potential buyer. Regardless of the ranch home changes the family decides to make, careful planning and attention to detail can make the ranch-style home both immediately comfortable and potentially more valuable.

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