Motorized Blinds: High Tech Wonder For Your Windows

The remote control has become a standard element in the lives of many people around the world. Most will have a remote to their TV and stereo systems, while others may have remotes to things such as their computer or printer. But what about having remote control blinds? That’s right… instead of having to a cord to open, close or draw up your window covering, you can conveniently use a remote control. These are known specifically as motorized blinds, since a motor is used as part of their mechanism.

Top- Technology

Now, if you think that motorized blinds must be flawed in some way, think again. The technology used is top-notch, meaning that both the remote control and the blind will last for a very long time. Style-wise, they come in the same type of varieties as their cordless or manual-cordless counterparts. You can get them in vinyl, fabric or even wood. They are also not limited in style, since vertical and horizontal blinds as well as shades all can be motorized.


Remote control blinds also offer a lot in of safety. If a person has small kids around, having the remote type eliminates the fear of worrying whether or not they’re going to be playing with the cord. But they can go even further than that. If one has high windows, they can prevent the possibility that accidents could occur with the ladder. Not to mention they make life easier. Indeed, which is better, having to climb up to adjust them, or just pressing a button on a remote?

So, why don’t more people have motorized blinds in their homes? Many may not even know they exist. This is because the corded ones are so popular, many assume that’s how blinds go. It doesn’t help that many stores seem to showcase their corded or manual-cordless even more than their remote control ones.

Too Expensive?

Another reason people may not want to go for the motorized version is the fear that they might be too expensive. While remote control blinds might be priced a little bit more than types of blinds, they still shouldn’t break the budget of the average person. You definitely do not have to be wealthy to enjoy the wonder of this convenient product.

In conclusion, remote control blinds are very revolutionary in the industry. They offer a lot in of both convenience and safety. However, they need to be marketed more, since many people who are not into window coverings may not even know they are around. Even online stores don’t showcase their motorized products as much as they could.

Indeed, a new era is blooming when it comes to window styling, and manufacturers should work to simply eliminate the corded type from their inventory. Of course even then some may still question the value of the motorized blinds, but once they get a set for themselves, they will see that they are well worth purchasing.

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