A Newbie’s Practical Guide in Choosing the Right Scent For Home

A Newbie’s Practical Guide in Choosing the Right Scent For Home

With scented home decors getting very trendy and popular nowadays, it is not surprising for a newbie to get overwhelmed by so many fragrances to choose from. Here are some practical guides to help a newbie choose just the right scent for his home:

1. Trust your brain. Huh? Why the brain? Why not the nose, the organ people use to smell? To go against popular belief, it is the brain that decides how we respond to fragrances. The nose does the smelling but it’s the brain that dictates whether one will feel energized, or invigorated, or sensual with what one smells. If you scout around for the right scent, you’ve got to trust your sense of smell. Use your brain. (Makes sense?)

2. Smell your home. Duh? You read it right, you got to sniff, snuffle, and breathe in the odor emanating from your home. Your home is like your body that gives off a natural smell. Finding that smell and combining it with the scent that most appeal to you is essential. You have to hit the right combination. Hint: Smell-proof your home. Keep it clean and odor-free. Then go for the fresh scent initially. You can experiment with fragrances later on.

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3. Be aware of some malingering scents in your home and purge the offender aggressively. Inspect areas of your home that are most likely to host these scents. Go to the kitchen, it may smell like dried fish or exotic spices. Whatever the smell is, you must get rid of it immediately. Clean, clean, and clean. Sanitize as well. Hint: You can minimize the strong odor by turning on the exhaust fan when you cook, or put a fan over your oven. You may want to try leaving a baking soda in a focal point (baking soda has absorptive qualities that can easily reduce foul odors).

4. If you are a pet-lover, make sure that you keep your pet smelling good, otherwise your home may camouflage the smell of your pet (or is it the other way around?). Train your pet. Keep their spaces clean.

5. As soon as your home is odor-free, you can choose from many scents available: scented candles, potpourri, air fresheners or sprays, inserts, incense, and so on.

6. Floral scents do not only appeal to your sense of smell but is also pleasant to the eyes. Especially when you use real fresh flower to fragrant your home. Roses in your bedroom add to the romantic ambience. Fresh flowers definitely lighten and personalize a room.

7. Earthy scents like citrus can literally make you feel cooler. The scents reproduce the coolness of grass and the humidity of earth that offers a pleasant sensation.

8. Oceanic or the water scents offers a refreshing feeling. They have also calming and soothing effects.

9. Wood scents like apple cider or vanilla are emotional scents. These are also the kind of scents that you can associate with let’s say your freshly baked bread.

As there are so many choices available for you, why don’t you run to the nearest store now and start sniffing for your right scent?

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