Vinyl PVC Railings For Your Wood Deck

by Adam Peters

Vinyl Railings for Your Home

For many years when we thought of railings and appropriate materials, wood always came to mind as the material of choice. While wood is still widely used because of its beauty, whether in the home or out, vinyl railings are being a great alternative to wooden railings. Many companies that deal in deck and railing products sell PVC (synthetic resin) railings. These are very popular because they are sturdy and resistant to fading from sun exposure. They also will not rot or warp like wood deck boards and furniture tend to do as well as requiring regular maintenance.

Why Use Vinyl Over Wood For Railings?

Vinyl railings are very convenient to use because they are lightweight and often come in easy-to-assemble kits. The parts can also be customized to your preferences of sizes and shapes. Because they are so light, the shipping is going to be relatively cheap. Unless you get really close to the vinyl railings, you won’t be able to tell them from wood railings. Vinyl railings are not popular in homes, but also in agricultural and commercial uses. The beauty of vinyl railings, their warm inviting look as well as low maintenance have made them very popular. With the cost of lumber, vinyl railings are the ideal choice because of their low life cost for maintenance.

As we said, vinyl has an appearance very similar to wood. You’ll often see vinyl railings in high-rise apartments as well as expensive buildings. Another advantage of vinyl railings, which makes them so perfect is that they come in a variety of styles including colonial, contemporary, standard or even custom styles. Many architects or contracts will recommend vinyl railings because of their durability, resistance to weather conditions and their little or no maintenance requirements.

The one characteristic of decks that must be considered when purchasing materials is the amount of time they will be outdoors in the many elements of weather. For this reason, are choosing the material that will last the longest in all types of weather, which is why vinyl railings are chosen most often today. They can be to many different weather conditions and still look great. If they do fade in color, they’ll fade evenly. They also will not blister, rot, rush or peel, which are qualities you see in wood decks and products. Rock salt or other products you use for ice and snow removal also will not affect vinyl. Most importantly is the fact that vinyl is not a fire hazard. PVC vinyl railings are used in some of the most influential homes in the country.

Cost & Time For Installation of Vinyl Railings

Installing vinyl railings is very similar to installing wooden railings. With both products, you need to attach the post to the post mount, followed by the installation of the bottom horizontal rail. Next comes the pickets and then the top railing. The vertical pickets secure the bottom railing. The top railing secures the pickets and vice versa. You may think vinyl railings are very expensive when you start pricing them. While they may appear to be more expensive at first, what you save in maintenance costs will more than make up the difference.

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