Home Hydrogen Generator Construction – DIY

Home Hydrogen Generator Construction - DIY
by Matthew Loop

If you do a search on any internet search engine you’ll be able to find blueprints to build your own hydrogen generator, which can be used to produce HHO gas-a hybrid solution that allows your car to run on a combination of gas and water.

I was fortunate since I found a professional set of blueprints to construct my hydrogen generator because I did my due diligence. Later, I went on other internet sites and discovered different designs which could be molded to run your car with water but these “free” blueprints were not put together with the complete newbie in mind. They appeared to be more experimental than anything else. They claimed to produce HHO gas but did not elaborate enough to actually run your car smoothly.

If you’re going to take the time to build your own fuel cell hydrogen generator, you may want to really invest in a professional set of blueprints with clear instructions on how to use it with your car or truck. Look for designs that have been tested and have some customer testimonials

Do It Yourself Project

Ok, once you’ve secured your blueprints, you can quickly and easily find everything you need to construct the hydrogen generator at your in-town hardware store. You should be able to acquire all the parts for under $99 and get your car / truck running in a few short hours. Pay attention, as you should observe an immediate increase in gas-mileage when the hydrogen generator fully functional. A few individuals have reported a 75% increase although 25-40% is more reasonable to anticipate.

Quick lesson. HHO gas is made by electrolysis and is well-known and has been proven science for roughly a hundred years. Thousands of “average Joes” globally have used hydrogen (HHO) generators to run their cars with water for the past 30 years. Contrary to what you may have been lead to believe, this is not some scam cooked up in response to the recent high gas prices.

Contrary to what many people think, using a hydrogen generator is not going to allow you to ‘run your car on water alone. Rather, it bonds the water and gasoline molecules by applying electricity to it and the result is a much more powerful fuel that burns cleaner. You will see an immediate improvement in your fuel efficiency as a result.

The reality is that oil conglomerates and the government don’t want you to use less fuel, because it will affect their profits. But you can easily save thousands of dollars every year simply by combining your gasoline with water through the use of a hydrogen fuel cell generator.

Thanks to the internet and global communication, people now have access to free information and it is possible to take advantage of these tools. You have total control over your energy use and consumption-and will have greater freedom financially.

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