Some Arbours May Come on Wheels For Easy Movement

by Keith Markensen

A decorative accent can be a great addition to your garden, providing not only a stately and elegant look, but functionality beyond just its aesthetic appeal. The garden arbour or garden archway is a great place to start.

These decorative accents can be used in a number of different ways. The most obvious reason is for their decorative appeal itself, and this is certainly as good a reason as any. Setting an arch at the entranceway to your yard or garden is like placing a portal that transports your visitors into a wonderful world of fragrance and color, and this can begin on the archway itself. The great thing about these arches is that they are not separate entities your garden, but can gracefully coexist and enhance it. Many flowers can be planted around the base of the arch, and a good number of vines can be trained to climb up the arch itself, for an old world touch of charm.

Just some of the many vines that can be used in conjunction with your arch or arbor is clematis, bougainvillea and grape vines, among others. In most instances you’ll want your arbor or arch to come in white to better contrast the vines climbing up them, and most do anyways, but depending on your garden look and the vines you plan to use with the arch or arbor, you want to go with a more unique look. This not only applies to the coloring but to the design as well. You may be restricted by the size of your yard as well, which may determine somewhat the style and size of the arch or arbor you can choose. Arbors and arches do come in a variety of sizes (both height-wise and length-wise), shapes and materials, so there’s almost certainly a match waiting for you out there that fits perfectly with the look you’re aiming for.

Some designs for instance may come with garden benches attached, which may allow you to free up space you may feel you otherwise lack by letting you remove some of your existing benches or seating areas. These seats also come with their own built-in sun protection, making them ideal for those hot, sunny summer days.

Some of the smaller arbors and arches may also come on wheels, allowing them to be easily moved throughout the day to provide shade to different areas or rotated so that the vines directly on are more or less subjected to any sunlight as needed. They’re also perfect for smaller areas, as the arch or arbor can be set up in front of something that could not otherwise be permanently blocked, to maximize usage of the area. These smaller arches and arbors are also perfect for small patios or balconies. For those who can’t get enough of their garden they usually add wireless outdoor speakers to blend into the landscape. This also works even in a condo or apartment with no yard area.

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