Selecting your bathroom Vanity

by Adam Peters

When you have made up your mind to redecorate your bathroom the most important thing you have to consider is what kind of bathroom vanity are you going to use. After considering all the choices available decide on the one that is suited to your style of bathroom and your taste. You will find two types of bathroom vanities and they are either the fixed kind or freestanding.

The built in kind is one that stands against the wall and has a solid top and looks a part of the bathroom structure. If you are looking to give your bathroom a modern look then the option of free-standing vanity is ideal. There is a wide variety of contemporary designs available which are unique and suitable for people who want a more sleek look. One advantage is that you get visual space if you go for free standing ones.

The most commonly used bathroom vanity top comes in marble, ceramic, or granite. The sink and the top are combined into one unit which is the most common of all styles.You also find vanity tops that come with a cut-out so that you can fix a sink according to your choice. Some manufacturers offer made tops at reasonable prices This gives you the freedom to place the sink where you want besides the shape of the bowl.

If you decide that you want to do it yourself then you would have to consider the hassle of connecting the supply lines and the drain, etc. Although the modern sink and faucet are easy to install oneself but still connecting to the exact supply points could be a difficult part.. In fact you can face a problem while fixing because the base of the vanity cannot be moved in order to reach the water lines and you might find yourself not able to move so easily even for tightening a nut.

Before you go to make purchases for your bathroom vanity it is important that you take the time out to look around all the stores in your area that sell bathroom accessories to know exactly what common options are available. If you are not satisfied by what the stores have then you you can check online to look for more variety of styles. But if you have already purchased then you would be stuck unless you decide to spend some extra for something more. So it is better to be careful how and where you choose from when you want to buy bathroom vanity.

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