Protecting Your Home From Lightning

If you live in an area where there are plenty thunderstorms, you need to be very careful about the idea of lightning striking your house. It can wreak havoc on your home in many different ways. Some people think this is just a myth but research has proven there is plenty of truth to it.

The damage is the result the lightning traveling through the electrical system of your home. It will move very quickly in a quest to reach the ground as fast as it can. This means it can affect your phone lines and your plumbing pipes as well. It is a good idea to stay off the phone and the computer during a thunderstorm. For this reason you should avoid taking a bath or a shower during a thunderstorm.

You can get injured or even killed if the lightning is attempting to travel through one of resources you are using. Ask anyone who has been struck by lightning, and they will tell you it is not a pleasant experience. Even if you don’t get injured you may end up having to replace your phone, computer, TV, and any other appliances that have a microchip in them.

To prevent such damage from occurring, unplug any appliances you don’t necessarily need when a thunderstorm is raging down upon you. In the event your home does get struck by lightning you won’t suffer any injures and none your household electrical appliances will be ruined.

Many people opt to place a lightning rod on top their roof. This way if lightning does happen to strike in the area, it will be there and not do any damage to your home. The device has a ground on it so the lightning will use it as the fastest way to reach the ground and it will completely bypass all of your electrical and plumbing systems.

An energy shield is also a viable option because they are built specifically to prevent lightning and power surges from affecting your appliances. You will need to have the energy shield installed by a professional. An energy shield works just like a surge protector for your computer. This is the best way to protect all your electrical circuits from suffering any damage due to electrical storms.

With the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) you will have all the power you need when you need it. This is the best way protecting your computer, especially when the user doesn’t take the time to shut it down properly. When the power goes out suddenly though you don’t have option. With a UPS in place, you won’t suffer the loss of your data during such occurrences.

You will find plenty of different accessories out there for protecting your home from lightning. You can buy them online or from a home improvement store. If you are having them professionally installed then chances are they will include the price of the equipment in the package.

It is important to buy the right products for the needs of your home. You will need to conduct some research to find out what your options are and how they apply specifically to your home. Don’t wait for damage to occur from an electrical storm before you do anything about it. Take every precaution now because this investment will be less expensive than replacing all the damaged items.

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