Fashion Statement For Your Home – Antique Clocks

Antique clocks are great accessory pieces for home. These pieces of art can define a room because of the uniqueness they offer. This article examines the different types of antique clocks that you can use in your home.

Not matter what type of clock it is – grandfather, mantle, cuckoo, wall clocks or kitchen clocks – using antique clocks as part of home decor design offers a way to break the mold of standard design. There are types to choose from, and price range varies greatly depending on the age, the quality, the materials used, the “brand” or manufacturer, the type of clock and other factors.

Antique clocks range from simple design to ornate victorian, and can be made of wood, brass, metal or porcelain. Because they were generally made by hand individually, no two are exactly alike. That is the element that I like most.

This article will examine the various types of antique clocks that are available and provide some basic price ranges that you can expect to pay.

– Grandfather clocks – These are the most stately of antique clocks and totally define a room if properly placed. The elegance and robustness of their chimes grandfather clocks one of the most sought after antique clocks. Prices for grandfather clocks range from $300 – $10,000+ depending on quality and brand name.

– Wall clocks – Antique wall clocks are one of my favorite types. Their simple elegance was definitely more utilitarian than some other types, as their design was very simple – it easy to tell time from a distance. Most antique wall clocks were circular, and made of heavy oak or walnut wood. Prices for antique wall clocks range from $200 – $1000.

– Empire clocks – Empire clocks are my top favorite. I previously had a very nice empire clock and it was a large, masculine and beautiful antique clock. It hung on a wall above the fireplace, and dominated that area of the room because it was so beautiful. Some empire clocks are very ornate with their painted glass fronts, and prices can range from $500 – $2000.

– Mantle Clocks – Antique mantle clocks were simple time pieces that set in the family room, on the mantle of the fireplace. Think of mantle clocks (also known as mantel clocks) as the “everyday” clock. These simple clocks could also be ornate, especially some of the porcelain variety. Prices range from $200 – $500.

– Kitchen clocks – Antique kitchen clocks were also utilitarian in nature, although some were ornate with scrolls and gingerbread. Typically made out of oak, kitchen clocks had their place on a table or mantle in the kitchen (hence the name). Prices range from $200 – $500.

– Regulator clocks – Antique regulator clocks were typically found in business places, and provided a rich look. Generally larger than most antique clocks, regulator clocks offered wood and glass, and could be ornate, though most were pretty basic design. A quality regulator clock will price between $500 – $1500.

– Cuckoo clocks – Perhaps everyoneR;s favorites, antique cuckoo clocks were engineering excellence in a time of hand-crafted wood making. The clock movements that were to the cuckoo were really pretty amazing if you consider what was involved. Prices for cuckoo clocks vary greatly, depending on quality, style, brand, and materials. Prices range from $200 – $2000.

– Banjo clocks – Antique banjo clocks were somewhat whimsical in nature. However their simple design is what made them so appealing. You can find different variations of antique banjo clocks, and they typically price between $200 – $500.

By the way, one other benefit of collecting antique clocks, is that unlike most things you purchase, they go up in value. The longer you keep them, the more they are worth. That’s a hard deal to pass up.

The author first started his interest in antique clocks in the early 1990s, when introduced by his father-in-law. Since then, he has bought and sold a variety of clocks, and still very interested in the antique clocks.You can visit Antique Clocks Online Also please visit: NC Online Golf or Online Boat Trader

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