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Basic wiring and electrical outlets prove insufficient to meet the needs of larger or custom-designed homes. Larger homes require dedicated circuits to major appliances and entertainment systems. Most residents of larger homes also prefer to have a lighting control system installed into their residence. Home security is major consideration of the custom homeowner. Cameras, alarms, and intercom/telephone systems must be wired in such a way to work in tandem with lighting and other home system controls and provide an effective buffer against home intrusion.

Illuminations Lighting and Design not only delivers over 25 years of experience and value in standard electrical wiring, but also offers outstanding levels of quality and customization in advanced electrical installation work.

Homes ranging from 6,000 square feet to 35,000 square feet require advanced electrical installation techniques that involve a much higher number of electrical circuits and sub-panels to safely and reliably power the home. With more power demands, we have to use these advanced wiring and electrical materials to accommodate both safety and reliable performance. Our technicians go to special schools to learn how to do this type of advanced electrical installation work, and their many years of experience in addition to their training makes them an unbeatable and irreplaceable team.

We begin by installing an advanced electrical power source in the mechanical room. This power distribution area functions as the hub of the entire home’s electrical and lighting layout. All lines terminate here, allowing it to direct current to either the entire electrical system or to one or more electrical subsystems. By installing low voltage wire in conjunction with advanced electrical keypads, we enable communication between the power source in the mechanical and the keypads we place throughout the home. When you press a button on the keypad, or enter a special code, the device communicates with the power source in the mechanical room. At this point, the real magic of advanced electrical installation work begins.

The computer relays your desired request to either a particular electrical subsystem in your home, (say, for instance, your kitchen or bathroom), and turns on the lights in that area. This is one of the main benefits ILD’s advanced electrical installation work delivers to owners of large homes. Coming home to a dark house is inconvenient enough. Coming home to total darkness in a 15,000 or 20,000 square foot home with two or more stories can be dangerous. This is one of the main reasons we advanced electrical installation techniques. Houston is home to many wealthy neighborhoods like River Oaks, Tanglewood, and Royal Oaks where large homes abound. Due to sheer popular demand and the requirements of electrical codes, we had to create a program of installation that accommodated advanced electrical workings and configurations. The result of this evolution became one of our most celebrated and showcased specialties throughout our community, to the extent that we now install these advanced electrical wiring systems in homes throughout all of Texas.

Once work is completed on your advanced electrical installation and lighting system, we then use laptop computers to program the processor that controls your home automation system. Once up and running, advanced electrical installation and wiring technology can enable you to turn lights on in specific bedrooms, hallways, and indoor living and outdoor patio lights. You can even set timers to turn lights on and off to make it appear that you are at home while you are out on the town, and you can adjust the brightness of lights on independent subsystems to create different atmospheres throughout the home.

If you purchased a home automation system from someone else and are now having difficulties with it, please call us and let us help you. Unlike simple wiring and work, advanced electrical installation and wiring technology requires years of special training and should never be attempted by anyone other than a licensed professional. We treat all customers equally, regardless of where they began. If your home automation system has suddenly stopped performing, and your current vendor does not support your needs, we will deploy our specialists in advanced electrical installation work to ensure quality and satisfaction on every level.

Illuminations Lighting and Design. For more information on Houston Electrical Contractors and Home Automation visit our website and read our many articles on these topics.

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