How I Lower My Electric Bill Every Month in 5 Ways

by Daniel Shermann

can lower electricity bill. However, since electricity is being used by everyone in the house and that means everyone should pitch in to help save energy. I know I am able to save on electric bills every month with the help of members in the household.

Money is tight for almost all families now. Every cent that you save will help your family in almost every way. Instead of seeing your money fly away into your electric bills, you could save up for family emergencies or fun vacations. That?s why it is imperative that I lower my electric bill.

Talk your family into these energy saving tips:

1. Unplugging appliances or electronics that are not being used. A lot of appliances are plugged in while they are not being used and this wastes a lot of energy. Even though they are not being used, they are still consuming energy, especially if they have a stand-by light.

Tell your kids to unplug their computers or laptops when they’re not using them. It will just take them a few seconds of their time. Chargers are also a menace to your electric bill and you should never leave them unplugged.

2. When doing chores, appliances to their best of capabilities. It means that whenever you are doing the dishes, you should load the dishwasher to full. Two small loads being washed separately is more expensive than doing one small load. This is true also for your clothes dryer. You should just wait for a full load because in the end, it is cheaper.

To conserve both money and energy, you could just air-dry some of your clothes. This is an efficient way to make of nature?s powerful forces.

3. Regularly check and maintain your appliances. An appliance which performs well is also very energy efficient. You can enhance air conditioning units by regularly cleaning their air filters. This will make the unit work less, thus saving more money. The air coming from the air conditioning unit will also be cooler so you don?t have turn it full blast

Refrigerator coils have to be checked. You should replace it about every six months to keep it efficient. Because if you an old coil, the refrigerator will have to work harder to keep your food cool. Tell everyone to keep the opening of the refrigerator door to a minimum.

4. Leaks and drips should be fixed. These drips do not just waste your water but your electricity as well because the water pump has to work extra to keep pumping water into your house. This wastes more energy if the water dripping is hot water; this means that your water heater is hard at work too.

5. The last tip will be more of a fun project for your family. Set aside a weekend to set up some homemade energy sources. There are some you can purchase online. You could do what my family did and put up solar panels to help run the water heaters. And windmills are also good sources of free energy. It was a surefire way to lower my electric bill.

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