Bosch RM614 6-Inch Reciprocating Saw Blade

Bosch RM614 6-Inch Reciprocating Saw BladeThe Bosch RM614 is a 6-Inch Reciprocating Saw Blade. By incorporating key design features, materials and patented tooth technologies, Bosch optimizes blade cutting efficiency for the fastest cutting and longest lasting blades available. Choose from blades suited for occasional, standard, heavy or demolition use in a variety of materials such as wood with nails, metal, stainless steel, cinder block, cement board or fiberglass. Flexible blades, thick kerf and tall body blades and carbide blades for abrasive materials are available and blade selection is made even easier with application color-coding and callouts on the blades. Feautres:Metal blades are color-coded light blue for easy identification3° tilt angle for faster cuts, longer life and overall improved performance3/4-Inch blade height and flexible thin blade body is more resistant to breaking and shatteringPair-setting tooth geometry optimized for fast cuts and long life in metalBi-metal composition for longer lifeWhat's In the Box:Bosch RM614 6-Inch Reciprocating Saw Blade

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