DEWALT DW030P Laser Distance Measurer

DEWALT DW030P  Laser Distance Measurer

DEWALT's DW030P laser distance measurer has great measuring accuracy over long distances, as well as an assortment of features designed to assist the user and provide durability at the jobsite. It's an ideal measuring tool for contractors, electricians, woodworks, drywallers, construction workers, estimators, and anyone working a big project that needs accurate measurements.
DW030P Laser Distance
Measurer At a Glance:
1/8-inch accuracy, 100-foot range
Class 2 laser, 635nm wavelength, beam divergence of 0.16 by 0.6 mrad
Backlit green screen for easy readability, even in low light
IP54 rated for dust and water, 6-foot impact resistance
One button functionality makes measuring fasterDEWALT's DW030P laser distance measurer is sturdy and accurate over distances of up to 100 feet (view larger). Precise Measurements
DEWALT's DW030P laser distance measurer has a 100-foot range, with a 1/8-inch accuracy even at the farthest distance. It provides rapid measuring and continuous measurement for layout jobs, increasing the variety of tasks you can accomplish. It has one-button functionality, so you can quickly make one press and select if you want the measurer to provide volume, square footage, linear measurements, and the addition or subtraction of readings.

User-Friendly FeatureDeWalts
Constructed with a flat base, DEWALT's DW030P laser distance measurer has an advanced degree of stability when measuring with it on a flat surface. The screen is green and backlit, which translates into easier readability even when using it on jobsites with lower lighting. It comes with a handy lanyard for simple portability and a pouch for transporting. It's been IP54 rated for dust and water, so it's not going to fall apart when used outside on a construction site, and it's sturdy enough that it won't easily break--the impact resistant design is safe on drops of up to 6 feet.
DEWALT's DW030P laser distance measurer comes with a 3-year limited warranty, a 1-year free service contract, and a 90 day money back guarantee.
Raymond E. DeWalt followed in his father's footsteps by holding mill and constructions jobs from the time he left school. No matter what the job, the question of high labor costs always concerned him. To help cut these costs, occasionally he rigged up a machine to meet some special need. Eventually, Mr. DeWalt was offered a position as head of a woodworking mill that manufactured almost everything from boxes to full-fledged houses. He designed a yoke and attached it directly to a motor and saw, then mounted it on a standard arm. The saw could be raised, lowered, slid back and forth, moved to any angle, or tilted to any bevel. It instantly lowered costs and increased productivity, and was the first DEWALT tool. Today the DEWALT power tools line consists of over 200 electric power tools and over 800 accessories including: drills and hammer drills, screwdrivers, circular, chop, miter, table, reciprocating, and jig saws, planers, impact wrenches, die, angle, and bench grinders, shears, nibblers, sanders, laminate trimmers, routers, and plate joiners.
What's in the Box
One DW030P laser distance measurer, tool pouch, lanyard, 2 AAA batteries.

DEWALT's DW030P laser distance measurer is accurate, has a handy flat base, and is very durable (click each to enlarge).

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