What You Must Know And Do For A Perfect Basement Wall System

by Casey Torren

Basements can be a great addition to your home. make good function rooms and they can also be an excellent place to entertain guests and to relax on weekends. You can also have your children use a corner as play pen.

There are many ways to maximize the use of your basement. Practically everything you can think of. But before all the convenience and comfort take place, it is important to put some investment on your system. By investment, it means both time and money.

To have a safe and secure system, here are some items that you must know and ensure that are present in a well prepared and constructed basement:

1. External insulation. You will have to do a lot of digging. This is because the soil outside of your house is in contact to your basement walls. You will have to insulate that surface area where your wall is exposed to the damp earth. Check some utilities that may be placed in these areas. These are things gas, hydro, telephone, water, sewage. Ensure their safety and maintenance. Insulating your exterior walls prevents heat loss in your basement. All this can be overwhelming if you?re new to this business. You may want to consult or hire a professional to do the external system for you. Or you may do it yourself. But just be sure to do it right. Otherwise, you might have to dig extensively again in the future.

2. The Internal Insulation – The interior walls must also be insulated. This is because air leaks in very easily. The air is cold outside. You have no control over that. But you do have control over preventing air flow to come in. A good system for internal insulation does that. Usually, this type uses fiberglass layered in your walls. Some would use foam type or plastic fixtures. This may cost you but it?s a worthy investment. You don?t want to have a cold basement room, do you?

3. Waterproofing the Basement – Your basement must be free from molds, mildew, bacteria and all other fungus that will start spreading in. It will make your basement smell bad. And since these molds are not easy to find, you?ll have a hard time figuring out where it?s coming from. When this happens, nobody wants to stay in your basement anymore. So this is basement waterproofing comes in. Some basements have rubber plastic adhesive solutions layered in joints and walls to prevent moisture to set in. You may also want to check other basement wall system options in waterproofing. Just make sure ?re safe.

Your basement’s may be how you’ve always dreamed it. It?s very cozy, well lit and probably the most livable place in your home. But if you a poor basement wall system, chances are you won?t be enjoying its benefits for long.

Your basement is fully functional and efficient if it is free from moisture and damp. These things cause bad smell, cold room temperature, and not to mention damage to your foundation walls. If this happens, you will spend some time each year doing repairs. Not only that, it will cost you and eventually spend more.

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