Bosch TC900 9-Piece Masonry Screw Drill Set

Bosch TC900 9-Piece Masonry Screw Drill SetWith the Bosch TC900 9-Piece Masonry Screw Drill Set, all you do is insert a drill bit into the mandrel and tighten it down with the included hex wrench. The bits have a flat side to the shank so there’s no spinning once the torque kicks in, as can happen with an ordinary masonry bit. Then you insert the proper size hex driver or Phillips-head driver into the TC900 sleeve and you’re set. Once the hole is drilled, simply slide the sleeve over the bit, locking the driver in place, and proceed to drive in either a Phillips flat head or Tapcon® hex head anchor. Pull off the sleeve, exposing the bit, and repeat the process. It’s as close to fun as you’re going to get.Features:Complete program adding a ll sizes, the bit holder, the bit sleeve, and a complete anchoring systemMagnetic nut setters hold the screw in place, and keep the sleeve from being damaged, extending the life of the entire systemWhat's In The Box:Masonry Screw Drill Bit HolderAllen WrenchDrill Bit Sleeve5/32-inch Flat-Shank Carbide Drill Bit3/16-inch Flat-Shank Carbide Drill BitTwo Magnetic NutsettersTwo Phillips Head BitsBrute Tough Snap Storage Case

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