Tips on Maintaining Hardwood Floors

Another material that is widely used in home building and designing is hardwood. Usually it is used as flooring. It gives the impression of richness, elegance and the beauty of nature. It gives an earthy feeling to a room. It is very important to know how to take care of your hardwood floor. Like any other flooring material, hardwood is not that difficult to maintain. Actually it is one of the easiest to keep clean and maintain. Common sense is a key factor in preserving the beauty and richness of your hardwood floor.

Most of the times, manufacturers and fabricators provide maintenance guides for your hardwood floor. One of the best things to do is to consult with in regards of taking care of your flooring. They should know best when it comes to preserving the beauty of the material. But still you do not always need to pick up the phone and contact them. The means of taking care of your hardwood floor are already at the tip of your fingers.

First of all, we all know that water is the number one enemy of woods. It can cause a lot of damage to any type of wood such as warping, twisting, cupping, or edge crush just to name a few. It lessens the quality of the wood making it vulnerable to more serious damage. Minimize or eliminate too much exposure of your hardwood floor to water or any other damage-causing liquid.

Second, avoid the build-up of dirt and grit on your floor. These elements can act as sandpaper and may cause scratches to the floor. You do not want scratches to appear on your hardwood floor. It will lessen the and rich look to your floor.

Like with any other flooring materials, try not to drag furniture when moving them. As much as possible, lift to avoid scratches to the hardwood floor. It is also recommended that you put under the furniture.

You can also consider installing drapes or curtains in your room to filter sunlight. The sun naturally fades the color of any wood. You do not want discolorations on your hardwood floors.

Regularly sweep the floor to prevent dirt build-up. Use brooms with fine ends so as not to scratch the floor. You can also use vacuum but without the beater bars. You may consider using vacuum cleaners with bare floor attachments.

Do not use hard cleaners on your floor. This may cause color fading and may create patches on the floor. Oil soaps can produce awkward build ups on the floor and that may cause a lot of bigger problems. You can use cleaners that are specially made for hardwood floors.

These are just some of the helpful tips you may consider in maintaining your hardwood floor. There are lots of different ways in taking care of your floor. By following these suggestions, the beauty of the hardwood floor may be preserved. Your floor may be as good as new even if it is years of age with proper care.

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