Power Tools Accident (Part 1) – Bizarre ER

A bizarre power tools accident www.youtube.com
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24 Responses to “Power Tools Accident (Part 1) – Bizarre ER”

  1. Tepadj

    Mothers-in-law, always causing problems.

  2. Brooklyn Jackson


  3. HaMM4RTime

    IT Crowd!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. TheUzuster

    isent that from that british comedy show or something? cuz then i get it :p i saw it like 3 years ago

  5. JackieRocketDeHedgie

    Oh you know…just waiting for the video to load,

  6. TheSkipjack95

    It’s not 999 anymore, it’s 0118 9998 8899 9111 7253. Hopefully some will get IT

  7. SASproductionz101

    Fuck…. That…

  8. CinemaOfLaughs

    0:49 – Mine cums bigger ?

  9. icomputered

    OMG, nothing makes me cringe. THIS MADE ME CRINGE.

  10. Lftudh


  11. TheShnazzmeister

    This doesn’t gross me out I have a strong stomach.


    Glad I could help. ~L^

  13. BlockGamingify

    Oh I understand now thanks. ?


    The show/program is from the UK, Britain.
    Their emergency number is 999.

  15. BlockGamingify

    Yeah but instead of saying 911 for the paramedics she called 999.


    It’s like 911 in the States.

  17. HugsXandKissesO

    Yuck i watched this on tv….

  18. BlockGamingify

    And what number is 999?

  19. Rhonda537

    And, part 2 is… WHERE??

  20. MrShizz77

    your supposed to link part 2

  21. loveunderlaw

    Shit, I’d just let Mother In-Law sleep in my bed instead!

  22. kimbaalee1989

    PART TWO! ?

  23. IAmFatCatAy

    Did he go pee pee on himself?? I wouldnt blame him though,,,,

  24. lynnrobi

    My face the whole time: ‘O’

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