Bosch 36V Lithium Ion Power Tool System

36V in Action from
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    • Eliomar Gonçalves
    • October 29, 2012

    Só uso ferramentas bosch (eletro-lar) BRASIL

    • Ander185olds
    • October 29, 2012

    cordless hammer drill useless

    • no2tyranny
    • October 29, 2012

    Unfortunately, the battery and strimmer go hand in hand and one is useless without the other, so you might say a visious circle.
    Have also got a Bosch food mixer and thinking I had bought a GREAT brand was again disappointed because the rotary whisk does not reach the bottom of the fixed bowl, so about a quarter of the mixture at the bottom never sees the whisk!!! Another useless Bosch item. Don’t know what has happened to their quality control. But thanks anyway for your answer.

    • edstar83
    • October 29, 2012

    Thats a problem with the battery itself not the machine. Come dude bosch is made in germany not taiwan. my dad has a bosch drill thats 25 years old and still going strong. he’s always had bosch and makita power tools.

    • MrToolstop
    • October 29, 2012

    The Bosch 36 volt range is excellent and particularly the GBH36VF-LI

    • no2tyranny
    • October 29, 2012

    I purchased the ART 26LI Edge Trimmer 3 months ago, the biggest load of rubbish in my garden shed! It takes 3 hours to charge and used to run for 30 minutes at the most, now we are getting 10 minutes work out of it. Reading the manual it looks like we need a new battery already. We only have a average garden. Wouldn’t recommend this product. I had a Black & Decker before and will be going out to buy a replacement B&D this week.

    • fiesta1100
    • October 29, 2012

    Our company supplied us with the 36 volt bosch SDS, recip saw and the cordless drill, Both drills have been in for repair and they are not even 12 months old yet in my line of work i need reliable tools theese bosch are certainley not,One of our guys SDS drill only lasted a week.I have a FERM cordless drill which i use for pre drilling into timber its five years old and its still going strong.Dewalt or makita are the best.

    • dem1275
    • October 29, 2012

    Dewalt man below you dont know your arse from your elbow. Dewalts 36v is a monumental failure on the market and Bosch is the market leader. There is a reason for that which I’m sure you can work out. Time to change your handle to Bosch.

    • dewalt23293
    • October 29, 2012

    dewalt 36v nano kicks boschs ass

    • twinspark6
    • October 29, 2012

    Sounds like your full of it. If you actually bought a bosch you would know the cordless has 3 year warranty. The 36v litheon rotary is a beast. Top notch tools.

    • zkamasutr
    • October 29, 2012

    i have both – rotary hammer + hammer drill.
    awesome. (and ps20 for small applications)
    dewalt 18v sucks.

    rotary hammer – expensive, but worth it.

    the only thing i’d change – bit holders on the drill. they are useless.

    • corsakias
    • October 29, 2012

    explain this, pleaase

    • Jono636
    • October 29, 2012

    i have just brought one of these i have seen them around sites, and all the boys have said how good they think they are, Well we shall see will keep ya posted, did you say fdteemperor that you have one??

    • Onypop2
    • October 29, 2012

    I have a Makita screwdriver and I use’d it to fix my scooter. But after using it a week it’s broken already. Makita sucks.

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