Grip-Tite Super Hand Tools Demo

Sockets and Wrenches remove rusted, damaged, and severely rounded nuts and bolts with ease- where conventional just spin. Additionally, they hold and retain the nut or bolt (almost as if it were magnetic although it isn’t) for installation and removal in hard to reach areas.
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    • chrisfball12
    • November 3, 2012

    Even this tool didn’t remove the strip drain bolt

    • November 3, 2012

    use the correct size of socket in the first place … problem solved

    • alundrasrt
    • November 3, 2012

    It will round the cams…

    • gravediggmn
    • November 3, 2012

    Go get a metrinch set!

    • shepd3
    • November 3, 2012

    Nice product, unfortunately, it doesn’t last. The plastic piece holding in the cams breaks in a few months and then you get to buy a new set. :(

    • Jayeeyee
    • November 3, 2012

    And still GripTite relies on ratchet wrenches and extensions dating back from the 18th century. GG

    • Tracey South
    • November 3, 2012

    totally agree about the advertising style that insults our intelligence.

    • MrHeadshot1982
    • November 3, 2012

    I will keep my gator grip.

    • mikldude
    • November 3, 2012

    i met my match with a 9/16 head bolt from hell, so tight i needed a 2 foot pipe for leverage, destroyed 2 new sockets and rounded the head(sigh), the other 13 head bolts where also so tight on the verge of rounding , i would like to see this tool have a go at it.
    this bolt will say hello to my grinder !

    • Tinyforest87
    • November 3, 2012

    They dont work to remove a rounded bolt off a car battery…

    • mmzero562
    • November 3, 2012

    i swear if this dosent work ima go bannanas i hate stripped bolt heads!

    • reitube2
    • November 3, 2012

    It might be a great product, but I just hate the typical brain washing advertising style.

    • IJChan223
    • November 3, 2012

    i understand it is a nice system and all but comparing their socket set to a tool like a wrench that won’t fit ? why don’t they compare it to another socket set instead?

    seems rather stupid comparison to me since they do offer a wrench version of the tool.

    • VieuxMalcommode
    • November 3, 2012

    Hype… ‘Never rounds off a bolt”… Yeah, Right!

    • red18warrior
    • November 4, 2012

    ‘Tite’ in Filipino word is ‘Penis’ lol

    • FHA1111
    • November 4, 2012

    if you broke it send it back.

    • brander18
    • November 4, 2012

    Its really working well. Bought a set a few weeks ago.

    • xpantera92x
    • November 4, 2012

    these are worthless i just broke one lol

    • scalabration
    • November 4, 2012

    First comment.

    I bought a set last year. I have used them as a ‘niche’ tool. They work OK.

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