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www.leatherman.com For years multi-tool users could choose from two distinct options when it came to a “one-hand-operable” multi-tool: one-hand-opening pliers OR one-hand-opening blades. Today, Leatherman has taken these two well-loved ideas and fused them into the first ever, 100% one-hand-operable multi-tool, the Leatherman OHT. This industry-first tool features spring-loaded pliers and wire-cutters so you don’t tire your hand adjusting and readjusting your grip. Handles with visual imprints of the tool beneath make for quick identification. A lifesaving strap cutter and oxygen bottle wrench, threading for common-size cleaning rods and much more make this a one-handed workhorse of a tool.
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End Date: Wednesday Sep-9-2015 19:03:15 PDT
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25 Responses to “Leatherman OHT Product Video”

  1. freshwrx

    I ordered 2 of the black model about a week ago to be delievered for pickup at my local store (Cabelas in Edmonton, Canada) and just received a email saying it has been shipped to the store and will be there in 5 to 8 business days. So maybe looks like you will get yours soon too! ?

  2. LeathermanMedia

    Cabela’s Canada should have OHT multitools before the end of the year. We hope you enjoy your tool!

  3. nightkazuya666

    i just order my oht a few days ago from cabelas canada but they are on backorder, any idea on when the next shipment will be sent?

  4. PointyFox

    All the tools don’t need to be one-hand-operable. A bit driver can still be one-hand-operable if you load it ahead of time.

  5. LeathermanMedia

    Cabela’s Canada has not yet received the OHT. They should have it before the end of the year, however!

  6. James Eigo

    Was some sent to cabelas Canada yet?

  7. CrazyDude498

    It will fit the XL molle sheath or the L molle sheath?

  8. LeathermanMedia

    It will fit in our selection of 4.5″ tool sheaths. Check out the Accessories page on our website!

  9. CrazyDude498

    Oh, and what sheath fits for the OHT?

  10. LeathermanMedia

    It’s out in some retailers right now. Try Cabela’s or REI - they have it in stock most often, we’ve found.

  11. Shunji Wong

    When will the Leatherman OHT be out?

  12. CrazyDude498

    Thanx for answering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. LeathermanMedia

    They are definitely intended for heavy duty. They are different plier jaws than the MUT – designed a little differently so they slide out of the handle as opposed to being opened up with two hands, and the OHT jaws are spring loaded – but they are meant for the same style of work. Thanks for asking!

  14. CrazyDude498

    And another thing, (sorry for being a pain in the butt) the regular pliers on the OHT are for heavy duty as well as the pliers on the MUT?

  15. LeathermanMedia

    Unfortunately, we do not sell any of our tools on our website at this time. There are a variety of online and brick and mortar retailers worldwide who carry Leatherman products.

  16. CrazyDude498

    Can you ship this tool worldwide from your website ?

  17. LeathermanMedia

    It totally depends on what tools you use most often. We suggest you visit the Leatherman website and use the “compare” feature to test the two against each other and see what fits your needs best. Thanks for your support!

  18. CrazyDude498

    What’s better: the OHT or the MUT ?

  19. mekox

    Just got mines today! Its pretty cool, but is it worth the $70 I paid..eeehhh.. Its more of a stay at home MT. I like my Wingman just fine.

  20. HackCausality

    It’s a shame the OHT doesn’t have a pocket clip. Sticking with the MUT for now.

  21. allthingsawesome2


  22. aikenforjeff

    Just ordered mine from Cabela’s website. Been waiting this one since springtime. Can’t wait until it comes next week ?

  23. LeathermanMedia

    Hi James – we’ve been sending tools out just as quickly as we can. Right now, most retailers would probably be looking at October. We hope you enjoy your new tool!

  24. LeathermanMedia

    Hi! Thanks for your note. We do work with the military often to design tools that fit their unique needs. Civilian needs are also important to us, and we design many tools for many different jobs. If you’re looking for a tool with scissors with pieces you can swap out, you might check out our Surge model. Thanks for your continued support!

  25. James Eigo

    I ordered this from cabelas Canada, but they are backed ordered. Any idea when the next shipment will be?

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