Cleaning and Maintaining Your Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles have become an alternative option against ordinary carpets that are a bit hard to manage, installation and maintenance. With this material, you’ll be able to choose the boundaries and areas that you are planning to installation. Since these tiles resemble a puzzle structure, designs and a variety of styles are available that can suit any function, whether at home or in the office. Since carpet tiles are movable and removable at that, maintaining and cleaning it may get you a little worried.

Actually, carpet tiles have become the best alternative option against ordinary type because it is easy to clean. Procedures of how to clean a carpet tile is the same as that of an ordinary type. However, restoring the quality of a carpet tile is much more possible. What procedures can you do to clean a carpet tile? Check out these three procedures and check which one you think is a lot less of a hassle for you.


This method of cleaning your carpet tile is much suitable for dusts or removal. You can individually vacuum the carpet tile or as a whole you can let the vacuum cleaner do its own as if it is cleaning an ordinary type.

Soap and brush

Brushing the carpet tile with soap is an effective way to clean spots brought about by spills. Why this is needed is because you can’t throw in the carpet tile in a laundry machine per piece. Usually, it has a vinyl material that does not allow liquid to pass through it. So by means of soap and brush, the stains on the fibrous part of the tile are removed. On drying the carpet tile, let it sit on open air and not with direct contact to sunlight as this might affect the color of it. Remember to use manufactured detergents as this is safe for use for any carpet tiles

Hot water extraction

The first two procedures above focus mainly on removing dusts and stains. This process on the other hand takes on two moves; cleaning and maintaining. Often times, frequent cleaning of carpet tiles can damage its look. But then, through the use of hot water extraction, grime can be removed and at the same time can restore the color and quality of the carpet tile. This procedure also is the same as that of soaping and brushing, the only difference is that hot water is used along with the soap.

Now you may ask how often you have to clean your carpet tiles. It would actually depend on where you position the carpet tiles. If for example you placed carpet tiles on your homes frequent walk way or where people usually passes through, expect to do cleaning every 2 months. Expect more cleaning if you place carpet tiles near the door. The position of carpet tiles does not only indicate how frequent you will need to clean it but also it can determine how long the carpet tiles can last in your home.

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