RWW 144 No Workbench Needed

RWW 144 No Workbench Needed from The Renaissance Woodworker. Like this? Watch the latest episode of The Renaissance Woodworker on Blip! You donapos;t have to have a massive workbench just to get started with hand tool woodworking. This video demonstrates how a few simple workbench appliances can turn any horizontal surface into an efficient and effective workbench See all episodes of The Renaissance Woodworker Visit The Renaissance Woodworker’s series page
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14 Responses to “RWW 144 No Workbench Needed”

  1. deezynar

    Yes, it’s simple & it holds wood every way that you need. I didn’t mention I’d put a full width, adjustable height planing stop on the end. The stop would be the most complicated thing about the whole project. BTW, plywood, OSB, etc. make an extremely rigid bench base & it’s the easiest thing to make if you have the guy at Home Depot saw it up for you. I wish more people would emphasize the advantages of panels for bench bases. There’s way too many wobbling stick bases out there.

  2. zaraak323i

    No, Matthias is OCD, you just have a mild case of perfectionism, I think.

  3. RenaissanceWW

    Excellent, this is yet another very simple bench design where one doesn’t have to go crazy building something formal.

  4. RenaissanceWW

    in most cases that cleat is held in some kind of front vise so a second clamp isn’t needed. Sometimes just the front vise and the stop is sufficient. I like the positive registration the cleat provides up against the top plus it keeps it square. Not that that is real important, call it OCD!

  5. deezynar

    Good information.

  6. deezynar

    Make a simple bench from (2) 30″ wide solid core doors, 3/4″ plywood & some 2×2. Make a box w/ one door as the top, the other door as an apron & the ply making the back side & both ends. Hold everything together by screwing 2×2 in the corners. Set the box on (2) 30″ lengths of 4×4 to form a toe kick. Get (3) heavy duty F clamps & convert them to holdfasts by removing the fixed ends & secure the screw ends to the bar. Put slots in the top and front apron for the holdfasts.

  7. zaraak323i

    Hi Shannon, I’m still working my way through all your videos and enjoying them very much.

    I have a question about the planing stop. In the demonstrations you showed I don’t see how the cleat is needed. Are there other ways of using the stop where the cleat would actually come in to play?

  8. catothewiser

    18:54 – doggie. :-)

  9. rcspads

    Great advise Shannon!

    I’m still working off my out feed table. Would I love to have a bench like yours, you bet. The one thing that you learn form working off of a less than ideal surface is creative clamping techniques.

  10. heriberthuber54

    I can wholeheartedly concur! Your videos are just great. There’s not much beginner advice on woodworking with handtools out there that has the quality you provide here.

  11. ecrusch

    Great video Shannon. I’ve been slowly moving more towards hand tools and have found Kari Hultman and you (along with others) to be very helpful.
    Thanks a lot.
    Kissimmee, Fl.

  12. Joseph Lorentzen

    Great video once again. Thanks.

  13. RenaissanceWW

    LOL I think I’m blushing

  14. Lederkram

    It’s tips like those why I love your videos so much! And you don’t repeat yourself all the time and condense the information down to what is really needed to understand the techniques you demonstrate. Plus it doesn’t hurt that you’re a all around amiable guy ?

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