Yugioh New Power Tool Mecha Dragon & Ancient Fairy Dragon

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25 Responses to “Yugioh New Power Tool Mecha Dragon & Ancient Fairy Dragon”

  1. Peter Johnson

    I want all the Duel Signer a dragons from the manga

  2. Bllee98001569

    If you pay attention on ancient the attacks are different on the card and the red

  3. newagepun

    I doubt it. WInd-ups are primarily made in the XYZ era so they would never get any synchro support. Most of the synchro stuff that pops up now and then are from promos and the 5d’s manga that is still ongoing.

  4. newagepun

    I like the dark ancient fairy dragon. allows for field control and an additional draw if your field spell is activated.

  5. TheRabbitHiro

    them herpie
    s always make a comeback XD

  6. pokemonmasterboy

    I hope there would be wind-up synchro and tune monster

  7. GaoZhong12

    they made a mistake, you can check wikia if you want, the clear picture is out, so it’s dark machine

  8. Hidden Dragon

    if you saw the video and checked the source it says dark dragon…not machine. so it will change from an earth machine to a dark dragon.

  9. lolimtommyable

    would this not work against inzektors

  10. GaoZhong12

    you said Power tool was earth machine, now its a dark dragon, so I reply that its dark machine now, not dark dragon

  11. Hidden Dragon

    yes power tool dragon is an “earth” machine. I have the card.

  12. WiiKingMattitude24

    I hope they change Ancient Fairy Dragon’s name (put Dark in front or change the order)


    I like these new cards specialy ancient fairy it could realy help my malefic deck ?

  14. graypkmn

    I think this is the best channel for yugioh because other channels doesnt make ocg opening, disscussions about some cards and deck profile… This is the channel to go for ocg box openings ? and his voice is pleasant to ears other yugituber’s voice is like struck with puberty…

  15. TheCardTrooper

    @blackwingeddragon100 this is wrong, you can use 3 copies of both ancient fairies because their Japanese names are different…that is, the ANPR ancient fairy’s name is all written in katakana while the PP15 ancient fairy’s name uses the kanji for “fairy dragon” instead of kana

  16. TheCardTrooper

    Guys, the new power tool doesn’t really do anything to inzektors…even though it equips hornet to itself, hornet will still be in their spell and trap zone so they can still ditch hornet to pop a card….power tool would deny 1 search or summon with dfly/centi

  17. cuellar4500

    why are they dark?

  18. chubkuriboh

    they’re new versions of them called “duel dragons” being used by the “signers” in the manga they’re not technically “evil” they arn’t very good either

  19. josh2111000

    can’t you use power mecha dragon eff on inzektors?

  20. outofbubblegum777

    Cyberdarks could use the shit out of the new ancient fairy dragon.

  21. yusei800

    wait but the old ancient fairy dragon had the exact same name ?? how can there be 2 of em with different stats and eff ??

  22. Triston Cliff

    Soo. don’t they like have to change Ancient Fairy Dragon’s name because it has a different attribute and effect?

  23. shadowdarkone1

    Is this bad version of the “Signer Dragons”? They’re DARK now.

  24. shadowdarkone1

    But who uses Inzektor now?

  25. DragonicSpriter

    Looks like the Ancient Fairy Dragon might be useful in Dark Worlds. :l

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