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hand tools the good bad & ugly
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25 Responses to “hand tools.wmv”

  1. dave bryant

    I love listening to you go on in these videos!

  2. poroldchap

    Sorry up to my ears in work but you will find the best information can be had from (tzrewinds.co.uk) they specialize in motorbike cdi `s the best I`ve seen by far ! not sore of exact address but the name is correct.hope that helps

  3. richard bannister

    wish i knew where you were i do a lot in my workshop with motorbike,s and cdi,problem,s happen all the time would be good to come and get you to sort them
    good waffling keep it up

  4. 100SteveB

    “Waffle” is a term we use when someone talks a lot – when he goes on and on and on. In this case it is always a pleasure to listen to the poroldchap waffle!

  5. IrishWoodDoctor

    ever consider buying a makita cordless poroldchap? wouldnt get a batter for it for the cost of the Bootless & Disfunctional.

  6. Frank Spillman

    75 pounds! I am glad to see that I am not the only person with tool disease!

  7. poroldchap

    Do whatever it takes to remove pinning & grime,I find just one direction works for me, theirs usually only one at the beginning of the heal even on double cut

  8. ackerman707

    when cleaning a file with copper file card as u describe in another instructional video , would cleaning a double cut file be the same process as would a single cut file? or would one use both lines of direction of teeth as a guide ######## looking similar to these number symbols
    ######## by the way thanks i like the videos u share they are very well done ,and informative to the point.

  9. poroldchap

    I agree, praise where praise is due !

  10. TheScotth89

    I have a pair of swivel handle felco 7’s they cost me $70 AUD and i used them for four year’s of vineyard work and they never failed once. I frequently had to cut vine over 3/4 of an inch thick and the felco’s made them feel like butter. best secateurs in the world.

  11. SuperHotjane

    I hate using electrical crimpers as well. I remove the plastic from the fitting and use heat shrink after soldering the fitting if it’s possible. Sometimes you are forced to use crimping tools.

  12. poroldchap

    They bother to `accessorise` items so they can charge more, trouble is designers are NOT users thats obvious, my wife said once when we were looking for a new fridge “only a man would design that” pointing to the handle, a woman would put it upside down then crumbs & stuff would fall out, its woman that mostly in the kitchen but do they ask us ? Dyson cleaner is typical man only design it would be a lot lighter if not ! , in addition to this add men/accountants all put their tuppence worth,

  13. hologram1954

    The light on the drill is a common design fault with a lot of drills now I recently purchased a
    Bosch lithium drill and not cheap at ?150 and it has the same problem with the light pointing
    about 2″ away from where your drilling I rally dont know why they bother putting them on.

  14. poroldchap

    you can take things back yes but then you have to argue “item not fit for purpose ” haveing been thrown out of MarchineMart/B&Q etc to mention but two crap firms, I consider it better to vote with your feet, if enough do the same they mite start to value customers instead of employing large `legal departments` to fight them, “rant” your just a beginner !

  15. Robert Walsh

    Unless people take the bad products back for a refund they will keep making them and laughing all the way to the bank. The shop assistants will get dumber they will stop hiring buyers who check what they are buying in. I know it’s easier to throw them in a draw, but that’s what they are counting on. How’s that for a rant?

  16. Murray Mayhem

    good video

  17. poroldchap

    Waffle is a common term in UK” to talk or writing at lenghth but to little purpose”
    like a rant but without the swear words (joke)

  18. Noel Balzan

    I do somewhat a similar thing. I use an unbranded ratchet crimper (without the fancy JCB logo), remove the plastic insulation, crimp the terminal, add solder and then heat shrink everything together. This will keep moisture at bay and never had a problem so far but have to admit that it takes much longer to get the job done!

  19. 65bellett

    I hate using electrical crimpers. Learning to solder on a connector and heat shrink it was well worth the time.

  20. not2fast4u2c

    I like Your modified Crimpers

  21. etothejtheta

    I use both kinds of crimpers. The controlled cycle ones that ratchet are better suited for a production environment with less skilled labor. You can probably get a solid crimp with a screwdriver and a hammer, but it may take more time and practice to do it properly.

    PS love the videos

    PPS What is a synonym for “waffle”, I’m from the states and do not know that term.

  22. turftone

    i too hate that about a lot of the newer crimpers the stupid ratcheting mech. doesn’t release till you darn near destroyed the connector on some of them. not that hard to make them like fancy snap ring pliers that you can release at any part of tool stroke.

  23. poroldchap

    If your blonde 36-24-36 I would concur but knowing my luck………

  24. poroldchap

    my 50p modified crimper will do ALL the sizes in the box you see on bench,no need to swap jaws, need I say more !

  25. poroldchap

    ?15 and I`ve got to re`engineer them, and I will be happy ? No I wont !

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