Flowers Vs. Plants: Which is a Better Gift?

by Amy Nutt

When it comes to giving gifts, many people opt for flowers, but a plant can be just as good a gift. Both flowers and plants make excellent gifts for just about any occasion and are almost always welcome.

Choosing Plants as Gifts

A plant is a great present for someone in a stable situation who has space for it. Of course, plants don’t have to take up a lot of room and you can even choose that can be replanted into an outside garden if the recipient is more likely to enjoy an addition. Plants as gifts should be something special. That doesn`t mean you have to pick a flashy plant, or that is flowering, though this can be very nice. Look for a plant that mean something to the recipient.

If you know your friend loves ficus, for example, because they remind her of her mother, then go ahead and get her a ficus. It mean far more than an African violet or another prettier plant.

A few advantages to selecting a plant as a gift:

– They can be replanted. – They last longer than cut flowers. – A plant can be placed anywhere in a home. – They add oxygen to the air.

Be sure to opt for a plant that requires the level of care that can be afforded by the recipient. An exotic orchid might not be the best choice for someone who has a black thumb and is seldom home, but a fern or even a cactus could be a far better gift in this case.

Choosing Flowers as a Gift

Flowers are a more traditional gift than plants, but that doesn’t make them any better. For some people, those who simply have no desire to own plants or who can’t keep even a cactus alive, flowers are a great choice. Of course, they also make a good gift for any special occasion like the arrival of a new baby, an anniversary, or even a job promotion. Don’t forget to send birthday flowers as well.

With such a wide range of flowers available to choose from, you`re bound to find something ideal for the person you have in mind. It really helps if you can find out what their favorite flowers are, but you really can`t go wrong with a bright, beautiful bouquet, whether it`s made up of Gerber daisies or roses.

It`s a good idea to tailor the flowers to the relationship, as well. A dozen red roses for a co-worker aren’t very appropriate, but a bouquet of mixed flowers is. If you want to give roses to a friend, stick to non-romantic like yellow, coral or gold and shy away from red and pink which can be mistaken as a completely different gesture.

Flowers also lend themselves to small gift inclusions, like a teddy bear for a new baby, a bunch of chocolates for a lover or a figurine for that special someone in your life. These extras can add a lot more meaning to your gift and be appreciated long after the cut flowers wilt and die. Whether you opt for flowers or plants as a gift, you`ll be making the right decision. They are both excellent gifts that are enjoyed greatly by the recipients. Which you choose depends mostly on and what the recipient enjoy most. Flowers and plants make for a more unique gift than many of the standard options and can be a fun way to mix it up a bit, especially if you add in a little extra gift tucked into the foliage.

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