DEWALT DCK655X 18-Volt XRP 6 Tool Combo Kit with Impact Driver

DEWALT DCK655X 18-Volt XRP 6 Tool Combo Kit with Impact Driver

DEWALT DCK655X 18-Volt XRP 6 Tool Combo Kit with Impact Driver

  • DCD950 XRP 18-volt cordless hammerdrill with patented 3-speed all-metal transmission delivers up to 450 units watts out
  • DC390 XRP 18-volt circular saw with 6-1/2-inch carbide blade can cut 2-by-4s at a 45 degree angle in a single pass
  • DC385 XRP 18-volt cordless reciprocating saw with keyless blade clamp allows for blade changes
  • DC825 18-volt impact driver with 1,330 inch-pounds of maximum torque
  • DC411 18-volt cut-off tool with 6,500 rpm provides high power for cutting and grinding applications
  • DW919 18-volt flexible floodlight provides hands-free use

Includes 18 Volt Cordless XRP 1/2″ Hammer /Driver – DCD950R, 18 Volt Cordless XRP 6-1/2″ Circular Saw – DC390R, 18 Volt Cordless XRP 1-1/8″ Reciprocating Saw – DC385R, 18 Volt Cordless 1/4″ Impact Driver – DC825R, 18 Volt Cordless 4-1/2″ Cut-Off Tool – DC411R, 18 Volt Cordless Flexible Floodlight – DW919R, 1-Hour NiCd/NiMH/-Ion Charger, (2) 18 Volt Cordless XRP Batteries, 360° Side Handle, Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blade, Type 1 Guard, Type 27 Guard, Wrench, Backing Flange, (1) Type 27 Wheel, 2-Position Side Handle, Contractor BagFeaturing a series of tools that are both powerful and versatile, the DEWALT 18-Volt XRP Ni-Cad DCK655X Six-Tool Cordless Combo Kit makes it easy to get jobs done quickly. Each tool features a balanced body that’s easy to control, plus smart design details that allow for application-specific performance. Each component is powered by DEWALT’s XRP extended run battery system.DCK655X Cordless
Six-Tool Combo Kit
At a Glance:18-volt cordle

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Question by vince: I am considering getting my cordless power tool batteries rebuilt with Lithium-ion?
I am considering getting my cordless power tool batteries rebuilt with Lithium-ion cells. Will the original battery charger that was designed for the tool work?

Best answer:

Answer by Diver666
There is no reason why they shouldn’t

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    • DeusEx
    • April 8, 2013
    31 of 31 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Outstanding!!!, February 9, 2011
    DeusEx (OH) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: DEWALT DCK655X 18-Volt XRP 6 Tool Combo Kit with Impact Driver (Tools & Home Improvement)

    A friend has converted me to a Dewalt believer over the last few years. And I’ve always loved his 18V cordless drill. When I spotted this set on sale I couldn’t pass it up!

    The drill is a 3 speed, 3 mode, adjustable clutch, locking keyless chuck MONSTER of a cordless drill. Three selectable speed ranges lets you maximize availble torque to suit material and application. I have mine in the middle range which suits most applications. Three modes: Screw, Drill, Hammer… The screw mode engauges the clutches to avoid stripping your heads. With 23 clutch settings I think you’ll find the right one for your fasteners. Drill mode disengauges the clutches and lets you run your bits without changing your clutch setting. The final mode is Hammer Drill mode for masonry drilling. You gotta love that! I’ve never seen a keyless chuck that works like this. Holding the cylinder and turnin the chuck unlocks it then spinning the cylinder will tighten or loosen the jaws. Once the jaws are tight, turn the chuck again to lock. NICE! I couldn’t be happier with this drill!!!

    Also in this set are two 18V XRP DC9096 Ni-Cad batteries and a one hour charger. The packs aren’t that much larger than the 15.6V I’m used to with my previous drill but definitely offer much more power. They are heavy but not so much that you care. The one hour quick charger is mode protected to prevent over charging and even has an indicator to tell whether it’s charging, complete, or even if their’s a problem with the battery. One word about your batteries…keep them charged ALL OF THE TIME. Batteries tend to devlop issues if they’ll left in discharged state. Fully charged batteries will have better overall performance and a longer life. I just put mine on the charge every month or so to top them off.

    6.5″ Circular Saw. I haven’t cut anything with it yet but I have an up and coming project involving 1/2″ ply, 2x4s, 2x6s, and 4×4 porch spindles. I’ll let you know how it did. As for the physics of it. It feels like a beast. A good heavy motor and cast body. It has a nice lever lock for the depth adjustment and nob lock for for the angle.

    Reciprocating Saw… Again haven’t cut anything with it yet, but soon. It feels good in the hand. With a pack inserted it feels about the same weight as my 7.5amp Craftsman. I have high hopes for this little beauty.

    Update: 12-27-2011: I recently had to repair and upgrade a shower. I used this on metal, wood, and PVC. I’m thoroughly impressed. It cuts like a champ, as fast as my corded model, and though I wasn’t cutting all day long, the battery held it’s charge thru the entire project. This handly tool just moved to the head of the pack. Loading the blade is simple and tooless. But even being tooless, the blade was rock solid! It accepts all standard reciprocating saw blades.

    4″ Angle Grinder… This and the price difference were the reasons I went with this set over the 4 tool set. I caught this one on sale and the difference was less than $50. I wasn’t sure how this thing was going to work but man am I impressed. It comes with one thin cutoff wheel and it does DAMAGE. I used it to cut some 1.25″ x 1/8″ thick angle steel to length. It went thru it nearly as fast as my 7″ 13 amp grinder. You can feel the torque! The safty sroud is fully adjustable for the best angle with a lever tensioner. The stablizer handle can be mounted on either the right or left side. There’s not much more to say about it. Great for those little jobs and in tight spaces.

    On to the “what’s with this?” category. The impact driver I’m not as impressed with but then I wasn’t expecting much or even really to use it. I thought I read somewhere it puts out 400 in-lbs of torque. I’m not even sure it this converts but assuming there’s not some strange law of physics I’m unaware of that’s something like 33-ft-lbs? Okay… But I suppose if your lazy or you have TON of little bolts to take off that are rusted on, then maybe…

    Update 4-28-2011: I recently installed a full glass storm door on my parent’s house. I used the drill to pre-drill the three dozen or so holes in the project. I finally figured out that the impact driver has a locking collet and is actaully a “impacting” screw gun. And surprisingly it works really well. It made short work of this project and I had NO…NOT ONE issue with rounding my screw heads. All-in-all VERY impressed!

    The light is…well a light. Though I can say it’s strong and bright! Honestly, I would prefer LED just because I hate wasting my battery power on these little portable space heaters. Seriously, if your cold stand in front of this thing for a minute, it’ll warm you up. That said if power’s no where to be found, this will light up your little corner of the universe.

    It comes also with a nylon bag that once closed is just about busting with your new…

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    • Daniel Burt
    • April 8, 2013
    12 of 14 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Set of Power Tools, January 21, 2010
    Daniel Burt (Provo, UT United States) –

    This review is from: DEWALT DCK655X 18-Volt XRP 6 Tool Combo Kit with Impact Driver (Tools & Home Improvement)

    I come from a Makita family and had always planned on getting a Makita tool set. While I was at Home Depot these power tools were on sale, and my wife surprised me with them. It has been over 2 years and I am so glad she did. I love (LOVE) my Dewalt power tool set. I use the drill most frequently (of course) but I can’t even count how many times the grinder has been the perfect tool for whatever job I have been working on. I try and take care of my stuff, but I have dropped my tools several times and they still work great. This has been such a great purchase and I absolutely recommend them to anyone.

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    • adaviel
    • April 8, 2013

    I’d be careful. Li-Ion has different charging characteristics from NiCad.
    Some of my cordless tool chargers seem to be dumb trickle chargers that just charge at a low rate and hope you remember to unplug the next day.
    High-rate chargers for Li-Ion have smart electronics that cycle between test and charge operation and turn off when they are done. Li-Ion battery packs also have multiple terminals including I believe a temperature sensor that is fed to the charging circuit – i.e. there is electronics in your laptop between the battery and the external supply.

    • Tom Sullivan
    • April 8, 2013


    My name is Tom, known as HD116 at Home Depot’s “How to Community” found at the site below.

    The fact is that the old charger will not work on the lithium ion batteries, but the charger for the lithium ion batteries will work for the old NiCad batteries with every manufacturer I have seen so far. There may be an exception, but I have yet to see one.

    Hope that helps.

    • Doing the Math
    • April 8, 2013

    Most likely not(and they would tell you that-the people rebuilding the batteries)

    • tercir2006
    • April 8, 2013

    I’ve thumbs upped the answers that are correct. I can add little to what they’ve already said. HOWEVER, no one has mentioned the explosion danger. That’s a big reason why there is a temperature sensor in the LI batteries. (or at least one of the reasons).

    Good luck. DON’T TRY IT.


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