Rockler Thin Rip Tablesaw Jig

Learn more: Rockler’s allows you to rip thin strips on the left side of the blade, elimin…

Rockler Concealed Hinge Router JIG IT

Now you can machine 35mm hinge cup holes with your router instead of a drill – a nice option when you don’t have space for a drill press. Since your hinge mounting screws serve double-duty as clamps, setup is simple. Just screw it on, rout and repeat! Can be adjusted for either 3mm or 5mm tabs. Designed for Blum hinges. Use with the 5/8″ Short-Shank Guide Bushing, (specially designed for 1/4″ template stock) and a 1/2″ spiral upcut bit.
List Price: $ 17.99
Price: $ 17.99

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Rockler on eBay:

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Question by Gypsy Girl: Where can I find a pivot plate to be used in a Murphy Bed?
I can find the kits from Rockler, but all I want is the pivot plate. Is there anywhere that I can find just the pivot plate?

Best answer:

Answer by J♥ck~O~H♥rts
Call here
Tell them what
you need

C.A.B., Inc.
4735 Poplar Level Road – Suite 3
Louisville, Kentucky 40213-2484
(502) 966-3852
1-877-966-3852 (toll free)

Or send them email
Free phone call


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    • Ľudmila Kvasňáková
    • April 8, 2013

    please disable this video. Very dangerous way of work is presented here – fingers just inch above the saw

    • tomx63
    • April 8, 2013

    you know what else can lead to a dangerous situation? not using a riving knife.

    • Assimilate71
    • April 8, 2013

    The thin rip insert and a bit of care is really all you need. It’s an interesting device though, if you’re into shop gadgets.

    • gentlemandude
    • April 8, 2013

    BTW, you don’t need to buy that jig. It’s really easy to make a thin-strip-jig, and there are plans for various models in back issues almost every woodworking magazine. I made one in less than an hour with a piece of plywood and a carriage bolt.

    • gentlemandude
    • April 8, 2013

    Lili Jackson: I’m in love. There’s something very attractive about a woman with skills.

    • April 8, 2013

    What’s with the safety there? Those fingers are too close to a moving blade and flicking the stock out of the way is asking for trouble as well.

    The jig is great. Does it fit a shopsmith?

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