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Rockler Classic Rolling Library Ladder – Satin Nickel Finish

Ladder HardwareLadder Hardware Kit, Hook Style (48192)Technical Details:Ideal for your library, closet, garage, kitchen, wine cellar, and more Library Ladder Hardware Kits include all the hardware and fasteners you need to build a 7-, 8-, or 9-step (8-, 9-, or 10-foot) ladder Easy-gliding wheels help you glide the ladder left or right with minimal effort 4″ diameter wheels work well on wood flooring, ceramic tiles, or pile carpet Hook bracket assemblies secure the ladder to the 6′ horizontal ladder track (sold separately, 48029) for no-tip climbing The ladder allows you to lift it slightly and move it closer to the wall for storage, or you can lift it completely off the track to store in a closet when not in use Includes comprehensive instructions and a ladder plan for , easy assembly Simply add your own wood for a customized ladder system Includes the classic look of premium satin nickel hardwareWhat’s in the Library Ladder System Hardware Kit?Two Wheel Housing Assemblies Step Rods with Cap Nuts (One set for every step) Two Hook Bracket Assemblies All Fastening Hardware One Assembly Instruction Manual One Ladder PlanStep Rod and Cap Nut (45368)Adding another step to your library ladder? Don’t forget to reinforce the step with a Step Rod and Cap Nut! Installs in minutes by drilling two 3/8′ holes and attaching the threaded rod with a pair of threaded cap nuts. Technical Details: constructionPrevents steps and ladder from bowingThreaded rod installs in minutes with threaded insertsAlso includes four #10 x 2-1/2 Head Screws for added stabilityWhat’s in the Box?One RodTwo Cap NutsFour #10 x 2-1/2 Washer Head ScrewsStep Brackets (48862 or 46196)Add a decorative accent to your library ladder steps with Step Brackets! For decorative purposes only. Technical Details:Adds a decorative touch to the steps of your library ladderPremium satin nickel hardwareSets up in minutesFor decorative purposes onlyWhat’s in the Box?2 Library Ladder Step Brackets or Library Ladder 8′ Step Bracket Kit (Pack of 14) Includes #6 x 5/8′ Pan Head Mounting ScrewsDecorative Ladder Spindle (48366) Satin Nickel Library Ladder Spindle (sold separately) can be used to add a nice crowning touch to the top of your ladder (not to be used as a step). Wood Kits include a top dowel hole (1/8′ pilot hole) which gives you the option of using this decorative aluminum spindle in place of the wooden dowel that is supplied. Technical Details:1/8′ Diameter at center, 16-3/8′ longFits in 7/16′ holesSolid machined aluminumWhat’s in the Box?One Decorative Ladder SpindleTrack HardwareLadder Hardware Track 6′ (48029) Durable 6′ cut-to-fit Ladder Track provides a sturdy connection for your library ladder to your wall or using Track Brackets (sold separately). Use one 6′ section or additional sections to span your entire library wall using our 5-1/2′ long Track Union (sold separately, 48437). A narrow slot in the bottom side of the tube allows you to attach a Track Bracket without impeding the progress of the top-sliding library ladder. Technical Details:6′ cut-to-fit steel tube track1-1/4′ diameter tubeA slot on the underside allows the connection of a Track Bracket without impeding the progress of a library ladderProvides a foundation for your library ladder when attached to your wall using Track Brackets (sold separately)Connect more than one track together using a 5-1/2′ long Track Union (sold separately, 48437)Durable steel constructionWhat’s in the Box?One 6′ Ladder TrackTrack Bracket, Hook Style, Vertical Mount (47727) Provide maximum support for your Library Ladder Track (sold separately, 48029) with Vertical Track Brackets! The innovative design slides inside the Library Ladder Track, providing a solid fit that won’t wiggle, rattle, or allow any sagging. And with the bracket inside the track, your ladder easily slides right over the brackets unimpeded. Plus, the premium satin nickel hardware completes the stylish look of your Library Ladder System. One Track Bracket is required for every 32-36′ of Ladder Track. Technical Details:Provides maximum support for your Library Ladder Track (sold separately, 48029)Slides inside the Library Ladder Track for a tight, rattle-free fitAllows your ladder to slide right over the brackets unimpededPremium satin nickel hardwareDurable steel constructionSets up in minutes One Track Bracket is required for every 32-36′ of Ladder TrackWhat’s in the Box?One Vertical Track BracketTwo #12 x 1-1/2′ Pan Head Mounting ScrewsTrack Bracket, Hook Style, Horizontal Mount (46834) Shorter, horizontal orientation is ideal for cabinet rails and other horizontal mounting surfaces. Mounting plate measures 4’W x 1-3/4’H. Use with matching Library Ladder Tracks (48029, sold separately). Includes mounting screws and plugs. Technical Details:Mounting plate measures 4’W x 1-3/4’H.Projection is the as our Vertical Ladder Track Brackets (e.g. 47727, sold separately).Includes matching mounting screws and plugsPremium satin nickel hardwareSturdy 1/4′ thick steel construction with coated finish.What’s in the Box?One Horizontal Track BracketOne Pack of matching 1-1/2′ mounting screws and hole plugsTrack Union (48437)Connect two sections of Ladder Hardware Track (sold separately, 48029) to complete your Library Ladder System! Durable steel construction gives you a non-bending union you can trust. And it sets up in minutes, simply insert each end of the Ladder Hardware Tracks you’re connecting into the Track Union and tighten the set screws for a tight, non-slip fit. Technical Details:Connects two sections of Ladder Hardware Track (sold separately, 48029)Includes set screws for a tight, non-slip fitSets up in minutesDurable steel constructionWhat’s in the Box?One Track UnionTwo Set ScrewsTrack End Cap (43898)Prevent your ladder from sliding off its track with a Track End Cap! Attaches easily to the inside of the track tube and tightens for a solid fit using an included M6 hex wrench. Technical Details:Prevents your ladder from sliding off its trackDurable steel and aluminum constructionAttaches in secondsTightens easily using the included M6 hex wrenchWhat’s in the Box?One Track End CapM6 Hex WrenchWood Ladder KitsClassic Wood Ladder Kits (49545 – 46440)With our new wood ladder kits, building your own rolling library ladder is truly as easy as 1, 2, 3 – sand, finish, and assemble. All parts are cut, shaped, bullnosed, dadoed and drilled to accept the corresponding Library Ladder Hardware (sold separately). The ladder kits are available in three heights: 8′ , 9′ and 10′; and in three wood species: oak, cherry and maple, all fully machined from clear, carefully selected lumber. Each kit includes a 1-1/4′ wooden top spindle, or you can purchase a decorative aluminum spindle (48366) separately if you wish. Technical Details:All parts are cut, shaped, bullnosed, dadoed and drilled.Just sand, finish and assemble.8′ Wood Component Kits include 7 steps.9′ Wood Component Kits include 8 steps.10′ Wood Component Kits include 9 steps.Hole for top dowel is a 1/8′ pilot hole, which gives you the option of using a decorative aluminum spindle (48366, sold separately) in place of the wooden dowel that is supplied.What’s in the Box?One Ladder Wood Kit in Your Choice of Length and Species
List Price: $ 499.99
Price: $ 499.99

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Question by ajdefeo1945: Where can I find good hardwoods in Pittsburgh PA for woodworking purposes.?
besides rockler, also are there any places where they will plane and maybe joint pieces that i buy, I do not have either of those tools.

Best answer:

Answer by little rue 🙂
home depot, lowes? idk

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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    • Marcio Castanho
    • April 12, 2013

    Verry nice…

    • Michael Olivas
    • April 12, 2013

    Thank you for the detailed video. I have been looking at Rocklers site and wasn’t sure how difficult or easy it was. You did an awesome job. Thanks again!

    • split dog
    • April 12, 2013

    See if there is a Dykes lumber in your area.
    They supply cabinet grade wood for custom builders.
    If you find the stock you need at a yard but they cannot mill it for you , would just ask if they can recommend one of their commercial clients.
    Would seek cabinet makers that do custom molding & millwork for architects & designers.
    The “good stuff “is getting harder to find anywhere & is very pricey if you do
    Might get lucky.
    Best regards

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