The Rockler HVLP Spray System

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Rockler’s Tung Oil

forms a tough, all-natural oil finish that seals out water, and is completely unaffected by alcohol or acetone. It penetrates deep into wood pores, sealing the surface and creating a smooth, satiny sheen. This Rockler exclusive finish is made from 100% pure , making it one of the safest and highest quality oil finishes available. Choose from pint or quart sizes.
List Price: $ 15.79
Price: $ 15.79

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Question by Mia: How to unlock Locking Shelf Supports?
I just tried to adjust shelves in a bookcase and found the shelf supports are locked into place. The supports are identical to the ones online found here:

Question is: how do I unlock the supports so that I can adjust the shelves?

Best answer:

Answer by TSW
You push in the part of the locking shelf bracket that is just on the top side of the shelf. Push it with a screw driver or putty knife hard and at the same time lift the shelf up.

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    • apme1234
    • April 16, 2013

    Its made in Taiwan, but works great.

    • Cozzmos
    • April 16, 2013

    Kind of chinsey looking. Made in China?

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