Reviewing: Shop Fox W1666 2 HP 1550 CFM Dust Collector

Shop Fox W1666 2 HP 1550 CFM Dust Collector

Shop Fox W1666 2 HP 1550 CFM Dust Collector
A powerful new dust collector from Shop Fox! This unit features a 12″ steel impeller and has a 2 HP motor that runs on 220V.

  • Air suction capacity: approximately 1,550 CFM
  • Static pressure: 12.3-Inch
  • Standard bag filtration: 30 Micron
  • Motor amplifier draw: 2-Volt to 12A
  • Bag volume: 5.4 cubic-Feet

List Price: $ 375.00

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”B00064NPXO”]

Pole / woodworking shop with new dust collection system, adapted a Thien TopHat design dust seperator into DC system.

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    • L. Menzel
    • April 17, 2013
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Good Quality-Works great, March 24, 2004
    L. Menzel

    After looking at many of the others in this marketplace, I found the Shop Fox. After closley inspecting the quality and workmanship vs the others, given the price differential I felt that there was not much difference between them.

    I purchased this unit. It was well packaged, and all the parts were included. The hardware package was complete with more than enough bolts, washers and nuts for the job. Assembly instructions were clear, and it went together in about an hour. The only annoying thing was the straps for the filter bags which unlike the Delta machine, do not have springs to create the tension needed to clip them shut. However, after a bit of fiddling, I was able to get them to work.

    Operationally, it is very effective, moves a lot of air, and really keeps the chips and dust down. I’d recommend using a trash trap ahead of the blower assembly to catch larger bits of wood, especially if you’re using it on a tool that makes larger chips and chunks.

    It’s noisy, natually, but works well, and I’m very satisfied with the performance. I’d also strongly suggest the use of either blast gate switches or a remote 220 switch. Walking over to turn it on and off is a pain. Shop Fox makes a remote switch for about $45 which is GREAT! Just add it to the cost of the unit. You’ll be glad you did. After 6 months of almost daily use, it’s working just fine.

    Enjoy. BTW, I also have a SF 10″ Cabinet saw that I simply love…undoubtedly the best bang for the buck out there.

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    • RPS "Sawdust"
    • April 17, 2013
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Does just what it is supposed to, January 26, 2009
    RPS “Sawdust” (Dundee, MI) –

    This review is from: Shop Fox W1666 2 HP 1550 CFM Dust Collector (Tools & Home Improvement)

    I bought mine about 3 years ago and have been very happy with it.

    Assembly went well, except it was missing a square rubber gasket at the top of the blower housing. I called the distributor, and a new one arrived within a few days. I ran 6″ duct work throughout my shop, with 4″ drops to my tools. The blower provides plenty of suction for all my needs. I also installed a trash can pre-separator for my planer, since it would fill the bags really fast otherwise.

    One problem, and the reason for only 4 stars, is that the inlet to the blower housing came installed with a sheet metal cross to (apparently) reinforce the opening. Larger shavings can easily get trapped there, and quickly plug the inlet. I took some tin snips and removed the sheet metal cross, and have not had it plug up since (in 3 years of use).

    I highly recommend you also buy Grizzly’s H5397 remote control at the same time. It’s designed to work with 220, and comes with TWO remotes (not just one, like most other remote controls). I keep one on my bench, and other clipped to my shop apron. The remotes come with clip, for just that purpose.

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    • ted scott
    • April 17, 2013

    I will be getting out into the shop again in a few weeks, temps are above freezing this week. I picked up and installed an old Oneida type separator.

    • allahoemad
    • April 17, 2013

    Thanks for sharing your shop with us!

    • robsgaragewoodworkin
    • April 17, 2013

    If your separator works as it should there will be no dust in the vac bags at all. I’ve built smaller versions for my shop vacs that fit on 5 gallon buckets and get no dust on the filter at all.  Nice shop by the way!

    • skeeter0jones
    • April 17, 2013

    very nice shop you have there. my current “shop” is my dad’s old greenhouse where he kept his plants during the winter. it works very will as a greenhouse but not so much as a woodworking shop. in the summer it can get upwards of 120’F with the doors closed. this year, i plan on rebuilding it to make it more of a woodworking shop/tool shed building. i wish i had the room for something as big as yours, but i’m limited on space so i’ll just have to admire yours. again, very nice shop.

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