The Rockler Coping Jig

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Rockler Sure-Hook Universal Mount

The Sure-Hook Universal Mount’s mounting assembly, or screw column, measures exactly 1′ long, making it simple to gauge what length of screw you should use.Additional features:Rotates workpiece 360 for complete finishing from one spot. Holds panels and spindles in ideal vertical position.Retaining ring in mounting assembly holds loose screw in place, ready to go.Leads to perfect application no fingerprints or dents from nail-boards.Great for drying.Specifications:Hook opening: approximately 1-1/16′ wideRecommended screw: #8 self-tapping (not included).Swiveling mounting 1″ long (1-1/2′ screw will penetrate 1/2′ into workpiece).
List Price: $ 5.99
Price: $ 5.99

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Question by Meowmix: What are those plastic things that are inside a dresser or chest that keep the drawer from falling out?
A chest of drawers in my son’s room has 2 drawers that “fall out” or tip down when opened. Turns out the problem is the little plastic things that keep the drawer from falling out when it’s pulled open have broken. What are those things called and where can I find replacements?
Ahhhh! Thank you! I am glad to know what they are called finally.

Best answer:

Answer by smokey
drawer stops.

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    • dr.dave
    • April 18, 2013

    They are called stops and can be found at any large hardware store.

    • Max Schnell
    • April 18, 2013

    Drawer stops such as

    You might also find them at Lowe’s, who have a pretty extensive selection of drawer parts, or your local hardware store.

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