The Rockler Ellipse and Circle Jig

The Rockler Ellipse and Circle Jig

Learn more: With the Rockler Ellipse and Circle Jig, you can cut perfect el…
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Rockler Circle Cutting Jig

Technical Details: Helps you cut flawless circles Fast, easy math -free setup Fully adjustable, slide the center pivot pin up or down the length of the jig to rout circles from 10′ to 52′ in diameter Features a tough, long-lasting phenolic core Includes two center pivot pins for different routing applications (one has a sharp point for holding steady in soft wood, use the other if you’re willing to drill a center hole) Includes a T-bolt with 4-star tightening knob to tighten the center pivot pin to the jig for worry-free, no-slide routing Includes hardware to mount any one of a variety of routers to the jig Fits PC100, 690, 890, 893, 7529, 8529 Series, Makita 1100 Series, Hitachi M12VC, DeWalt DW625, DW616, DW18 Series, Bosch 1617, 1618, 1619, and 1919EVSWhat’s in The Box? Rockler Circle Cutting Jig Two Center Pivot Pins T-bolt with 4-star tightening knob Mounting hardware to fit a variety of routersBest Used With: Porter-Cable 893 Router with Plunge Base(#24288)Directions:40982 Circle Cutting Jig
List Price: $ 39.99
Price: $ 39.99

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Question by rutabaga: What is the easiest way to refinish furniture?
I bought new furniture appx. 6 years ago and it has been all but destroyed by my lovely children. Anyhow I am not a crafty or handy person, so I need to find out what would be the most straightforward way to refinish my cherry wood coffee table and dining room table? Any tips would be appreciated!

Best answer:

Answer by Brutally Honest
I’d recommend starting at the library or any home supply/building store. Look for a book series by Sunset or Home & Garden; they have how-to books on EVERYTHING.

Be warned: Furniture refinishing is not cheap, easy or quick. It takes a lot of work & patience. It may be that after you have done some research, you might find it easier to hire a local handyman to do it for you.

What do you think? Answer below!

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26 Responses to “The Rockler Ellipse and Circle Jig”

  1. RocklerWoodworking

    I’m afraid we don’t have anything like that….

  2. PanzarMetal

    Do they have the same jig but for cutting electric guitar bodies?

  3. Tim Smyth

    looks like a great jig to me.

  4. nbrader

    I laughed. :]

  5. konzwambii

    I really need circles. So I use one of these to rout ellipses, then I sand for hours and hours until I get a circle…

  6. OmenLW

    so how do you cut small ellipses?

  7. Dror Felman

    yeah, that’s really epic, NOT!

  8. vvvenkatbe

    what is the size of base… it will useful to me if u reply.
    pls mail ..
    thanks in advance

  9. SOR4

    It’s one of those situations where it may cost you a finger or two…

  10. kennethdante

    lol!!! Yeah he def does not have the cord situation under control.

  11. Lantern Jaw

    I need a teeny tiny one of these to draw speech bubbles in comics. Amazing machine!

  12. 7199715

    safety precautions first :)

  13. 7199715

    haha you’re right ?

  14. WildoTheRubberFist

    can i get one thats smaller and fits a dremal?

  15. gnarly79

    i’d still manage to fuck it up…

  16. Surfurplex

    Fuck when did TV shop enter youtube?

  17. ReddmanDGZ

    Sometimes the best way to do something is one of the most elusively simple.

  18. SOR4

    EPIC FAIL with the Power cord at 2:10 ?

  19. Eric Liu

    heh reminds me of algebra :]

  20. DrWhat2

    I hope you wear earplugs. If you don’t you’ll end up with hearing loss and tinnitus.

  21. andaconda91

    it not that hard to make there is just a fudimental triangle

  22. Jedi MasterSith

    awesome jig where can i buy this in the UK??? please let me know Thanks

  23. MEhateSCUM

    Now thats something I gotta try to make at home!!

  24. postcolonial1


  25. Jeffrey J

    Seeing whereas you have children, I am gonna give you the VOC free (or at least minimal) (Which are also pretty quick and straight forward) methods I can think of for refinishing your furniture. Also I have made a BIG assumption that these tables are either solid cherry or quality veneer which has never been stained)

    STEP 1 (tools required)
    orbital palm sander (i recommend Porter Cable VS333 +/- $ 75) and pads (80, 150, 220 grit)
    Set of good cabinet scrapers (about $ 13) (try
    good quality brush (polyester)

    STEP 2 removing old finishing
    Start with the sander (using the 80 grit and start removing the finish, be very careful at the edge, not to break them or cut sander hoopdees in them). Once you have removed this finish from all the flat areas, Use the cabinet scrapers to get into the curved areas (ogee edges and such), then resand the entire thing with the 150 grit, this time do the curved areas by hand with the sand paper (playing a Bach concerto during the hand sanding is a really great way to fool yourself this is a fun way to spend the evening). Repeat the entire process with 220 grit. Vacuum all surfaces . . .

    STEP 3 (new finish)
    If the tables look spotty or splotchy, chances are they were stained and the sanding has removed unequal amounts of stain at different areas. So choose a quality water based wood stain (low VOC), that is SLIGHTLY darker than the darkest spots remaining (this will even the tones of the wood). Apply the stain according to the label directions (including the dry times). Then apply the first of three coats of water-bourne poly in whatever finish you desire (gloss, satin, other), hand sanding lightly between coats with the 220 paper,
    After the three coats your good to go (you’ll probably wanna go get a table saw and a bunch of other tools and start furniture making business, or you’ll give the sander to your neighbor and vow “Never Again” ? (Trick of the trade, if you wish that ultra slick, smooth feel of HQ woodwork, apply a light coat of carnuba car wax, just like you’d do for a car)

    Hope this helps, let me know if you need further info

    there are alternatives for just “sprucing” up these tables as well.

  26. Old Fool

    Hire someone.

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